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A Parent’s Guide to Gradual Separation – Available in 20 languages

When parents register their child for Care for Newcomer Children (CNC), many CNC programs that practice gradual separation have been challenged to explain their gradual separation/entry process to parents - especially when there isn’t a shared language. We’ve developed a multilingual resource for parents that will help!

Care for Newcomer Children Requirements (CNCR)

“New In Canada” Parenting Support Series – Brochures

There are many challenges facing parents in keeping their children safe. Multilingual New In Canada Parenting Support Brochures are now available online and ready for printing! Read More

All About Child Care Brochure

Newcomer parents using CIC funded settlement services often have a lot of questions about the on-site child care available to their children. All About Child Care is a unique resource for you to give parents who would like to participate in settlement services, to help them understand the child care services available to them. Read More

Supporting the Settlement of Young Immigrant Children and their Families by Julie Dotsch

Written by child care and diversity expert Julie Dotsch, with strategies and ideas from caregivers working in the field of newcomer child care, "Supporting the Settlement of Young Immigrant Children & their Families" builds on caregivers’ professionalism, knowledge and experience to provide a greater understanding of the new immigrant and refugee experience from a child’s and family’s perspective.

Caring for Syrian Refugee Children: A Program Guide for Welcoming Young Children and Their Families

This guide will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to better understand and respond to the unique experiences and needs of Syrian refugee children. In it, you will find: • information on the Syrian culture; • information on the refugee experience, the effects of trauma and culture shock and how to respond to them; • practical tip sheets designed to easily print out and share with your team

Settlement Needs of Newcomer Children: Research Synthesis Report

This report describes the six core settlement needs of newcomer children and provides ideas on how to support them. The settlement needs identified in the report were selected through a review of the literature from around the world on early childhood education and newcomer children. Read more...

CNC Forms and Templates

Click here to view CNC forms and templates.

Helping You Meet the Requirements: Consulting with Local Public Health and Health Professionals

In the CNCR, there are references to consulting local public health offices to meet various health and safety related requirements. And then there are others that specify input from health professionals. So, when and how do you contact each of these sources…and what exactly is the difference between the two? It’s actually much simpler than it sounds. Read More