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Newcomer Parent Resource Series: Available in 16 Languages

Refugee parents come to Canada with unique settlement needs, and language barriers that make it challenging to get information to support their parenting, children’s development, and the health and safety of their family here in Canada. We’ve developed a series of 14 parent resources to help - and they’re available in the 16 languages most commonly spoken by refugee families here in Canada!

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Documents GENA

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Documents GENA


Exemples de documents GENA

Plan d’urgence pour les programmes de GENA

Programme de GENA – déclaration d’infraction

Politiques et plan en cas d’anaphylaxie chez les enfants nouveaux arrivant

Politique de gestion du comportement

Politique et procédures du programme de GENA relatives aux mauvais traitements infligés aux enfants

Procédures à suivre en cas de maladie

Description de poste : personnel de GENA

Description de poste : membre du personnel de GENA de niveau 1

Description de poste : membre du personnel de GENA de niveau 2

Description de poste : membre du personnel de GENA désigné responsable

Politiques, procédures et pratiques relatives à la sieste

Énoncé de la philosophie du programme

Formulaires et modèles GENA

Formulaire de GENA – Rapport d’accident

Formulaire de présences – programme de GENA

Liste de contrôle pour l’orientation du personnel

Profil de l’enfant

Planification du programme de GENA

Formulaire d’inscription

Rapport d’incident grave

Formulaire d’information sur la séance de GENA – courte durée

Plan des collation

Formulaire d’approbation d’un local

Liste de contrôle pour assurer la sécurité de l’endroit

Liste des documents à inclure dans les dossiers des membres du personnel

Conditions du Programme de garde des enfants nouveaux arrivants

Documents de soutien pour les services combinés

Les services combinés : en action

Services combinés : comment établir votre plan d’accueil

Services de GENA combinés : interactions avec les parents

Services de GENA combinés : interactions avec les parents

Services de GENA combinés : le milieu physique

Services de GENA combinés : planification des activités

Services de GENA combinés : organisation et planification

Services de GENA combinés : conseils

Documents de soutien pour les programmes et activités

Comment offrir un excellent programme de GENA axé sur l’enfant

Pratiques exemplaires pour les excursions avec les enfants d’âge scolaire

Comment planifier le soutien à donner à un enfant ayant des besoins

Documents requis pour l’évaluation


À propos du programme garde des enfants nouveaux arrivants (GENA)

Guide des parents sur les séparations graduelles

Série de ressources pour les parents nouveaux arrivants

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The Resilience Guide: Program Strategies for Responding to Trauma in Refugee Children

Many of the things we already do in early childhood programs not only support healthy child development, but also strengthen the capacity for resilience and recovery in young children who have experienced trauma. The Resilience Guide provides information and resources to help you understand the impact of the refugee experience at different ages, developmental effects of trauma and resettlement, and key strategies to strengthen families’ capacity for resilience. It also includes practical tip sheets designed to easily print out and share with your team!

All About Care for Newcomer Children (CNC) – Multilingual Parent Resource

This new and improved version of one of our most popular resources, is now available in over 40 languages and is ready for use in all provinces.

A Parent’s Guide to Gradual Separation – Available in over 40 languages

When parents register their child for Care for Newcomer Children (CNC), many CNC programs that practice gradual separation have been challenged to explain their gradual separation/entry process to parents - especially when there isn’t a shared language. We’ve developed a multilingual resource for parents that will help!

“New In Canada” Parenting Support Series – Brochures

There are many challenges facing parents in keeping their children safe. Multilingual New In Canada Parenting Support Brochures are now available online and ready for printing! Read More

Supporting The Settlement Of Young Immigrant Children And Their Families, by Julie Dotsch is now available online!

Written by child care and diversity expert Julie Dotsch, with strategies and ideas from caregivers working in the field of newcomer child care, "Supporting the Settlement of Young Immigrant Children & their Families" builds on caregivers’ professionalism, knowledge and experience to provide a greater understanding of the new immigrant and refugee experience from a child’s and family’s perspective.

Caring for Syrian Refugee Children: A Program Guide for Welcoming Young Children and Their Families

Caring for Syrian Refugee Children will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to better understand and respond to the unique experiences and needs of Syrian refugee children.

Settlement Needs of Newcomer Children: Research Synthesis Report

This report describes the six core settlement needs of newcomer children and provides ideas on how to support them. The settlement needs identified in the report were selected through a review of the literature from around the world on early childhood education and newcomer children. Read more...