A Parent’s Guide to Gradual Separation – Available in 20 languages

When parents register their child for Care for Newcomer Children (CNC), many CNC programs that practice gradual separation have been challenged to explain their gradual separation/entry process to parents - especially when there isn’t a shared language. We’ve developed a multilingual resource for parents that will help!

Hand in Hand: A Parenting Journey – Parenting Guide for Newcomers

What are the Canadian laws surrounding child abuse? Do I need to change my parenting style? Should I be scared of losing my child? Hand in Hand: A Parenting Journey answers these common questions from newcomer parents. Developed with input from Canadian families and newcomers, this guide gives families new parenting tools and information about resources to support their parenting here in Canada.

Are you looking for multilingual parent resources?

Did you know that the FRP Canada Multilingual Parenting Information Sheets are available in 16 languages? They are an easy way to provide parents with information on topics like guiding children's behaviour, literacy and numeracy, play time, family life, and the importance of being active.

Welcome to Canada video is available in Arabic!

Did you know that the Welcome to Canada video, Your First Two Weeks in Canada, is available in Arabic. The video is intended to help newcomers prepare for their life in Canada and explain some of the initial steps that they should take upon arrival.

Videos to share with parents

Parenting can be hard - but you can support the parents in your program by providing them with information and tools to help them feel successful! These simple videos for parents of preschoolers have tips from other parents, show ideas in action and are available in both English and French.

Let’s celebrate parents!

The Global Day of Parents provides an opportunity to appreciate all parents in all parts of the world for their selfless commitment to children and their lifelong sacrifice towards nurturing this relationship.

Cultural differences can make child discipline in Canada a challenge

There can be vast cultural differences when it comes to childrearing practices, so for many immigrant parents, disciplining children can be challenging in Canada, where legislation and definitions of abuse are clearly established. Read more...

211 is your connection to information and services

Pass it along to your clients... 211 is Canada's telephone help line (2-1-1) and website - a gateway to community, social, non-clinical health and related government services. 211 helps to navigate the complex network of human services quickly and easily, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in over 100 languages!

Healthy Families BC: Pregnancy and Parenting

Healthy Families BC has helpful tips and tools for parents with babies and toddlers. The website covers all areas of social, emotional and physical development, as well as building healthy relationships and positive parenting.

Newcomer Parents Share the Challenges they Face

Even though CNC is only in its second year of operation, CMAS wanted to hear from newcomer parents and get a deeper understanding of the challenges they face. How were they coping after migrating to a new country with young children? Were the CNC services helping? Read more...