39 Fun Ways for Families to Play Outside This Spring

The sun is getting warmer, birds are singing, and my children are shedding their winter gear all over our backyard. Spring is in the air! After the long sleep of winter, nature is filled with a flutter of activity and new energy. Trees are exploding with blooms, insects are buzzing, and critters are busy building nests. The kids are full of energy too! Thankfully, spring offers many simple, easy, and fun outdoor activities for children to get their wiggles out. On that note, here are 39 free and easy activities you can share with parents to get them outside with the kids this spring.

Covid Generation: Putting Them on the Path to Well-being

It’s hard to believe that children under five have spent half their lives growing through the stress and uncertainty that came with the pandemic. What can we do to make sure that they are on the path of emotional well-being? Here are some ideas for how we can help this generation recover from the socialization lost during this time.

Magic Moments: Active Problem Solving with Young Children

Every problem, large or small, is an opportunity for young children to learn and grow. From spilled glue to a conflict in the block corner, problems are an unlimited natural resource generated inside our own classrooms. This insight-building webinar will explore how early childhood educators can take the problems, mistakes, and accidents that inevitably occur in every early childhood program, and turn them into teachable moments.

Ideas to Share with Parents: Cheap or Free At-Home Activities for Kids

How can parents encourage their children to live a healthy, active life while sticking to a budget? They can try these simple tasks and activities to see how simple it can be to get kids enjoying active play and moving daily at home!

29 Fun Games to Play in the Snow

Kids love to play in fresh snow. Building a snowman can be fun, but there are so many other activities kids can do to have fun and keep moving once winter comes along. From sledding to snowball fights, catching snowflakes and making snow angels, wintertime affords the whole family so many options and so much fun. Here is a list of fun games that you can share with parents to encourage some family fun in the snow this year!

Video and Posters: Easy Habits for Managing Kids’ Screen Time

Too much screen time hurts kids. It keeps them from active play and it causes them anxiety, depression and other problems. Yet trying to “control” screen time can be a real challenge. Here's a quick, 1-minute video and printable posters to share with parents!

Podcast: The Magic of Loose Parts

Whether you’re an experienced ECE or new to the field, this podcast takes what we know about loose parts to the next level. Listen in to learn more about loose parts, how to get started, personal mindset and reflection, and so much more!

Ideas to share with parents: Activities for kids during winter break

Winter holidays are coming, and children will be out of school for two weeks! Some will travel abroad with their family, while many others will stay at home. No matter where they are, here are a few ideas to share with parents to help keep their children active and engaged during the upcoming winter holidays.

Try some holiday fun physical activities!

Active for Life has fun list of holiday activity ideas for families that are always popular this time of year.

Have you tried making your own games?

During the pandemic, the CNC team at Ottawa-Carleton District School Board’s Bayshore site put their heads together to come up with creative ways to re-purpose cardboard delivery boxes. They used their extra time to save money and have some fun making everything from race tracks to carnival-style games for their program. Many of their creations were even laminated for quick disinfection! Click here to learn more.