School Readiness

30 Games and Activities for Self-Regulation

These 30 games and activities support planning and problem solving, memory, attention, motor control and sequencing. They’re a great way to introduce self-regulation strategies to kids! has built in translation to help you communicate with parents is a free app that helps educators communicate with parents - and it has built in translation!

A Guide for Newcomer Parents About School in Canada

The Canadian Multicultural Education Foundation has a guide will help to address some of the questions that immigrant and refugee parents may have about the school system in Canada, and give them the opportunity to address how their parenting role may be different in Canada than it was in their home country.

Do you know immigrant parents who are looking for information about education in Ontario?

People for Education have tip sheets available in 15 languages to help parents understand the school system and how they can help their child succeed.

Free Webinar: Managing Allergies this School Season

It’s important for children with Anaphylaxis, and those who care for them, to be aware of how to safely manage allergies. Food Allergy Canada has developed the following resources to help families, teachers and caregivers with back-to-school preparations:

School Readiness: An Overview – Alka Burman

“School readiness” refers to a child’s ability to meet the demands of school. Often these abilities are broken down into key areas known as developmental domains. Alka Burman, Early Literacy Specialist, outlines these developmental domains.Read More

School Readiness: Communication Skills and General Knowledge – Alka Burman

"Communication skills and general knowledge” refers to the ability to communicate one’s own needs clearly and to understand others.Alka Burman, Early Literacy Specialist, discusses these concepts. Read More

School Readiness: Emotional Health and Maturity – Alka Burman

“Emotional health and maturity” refers to a child’s prosocial behaviour. It is the ability to recognize and express both positive and negative emotions in ways that are healthy, respectful and appropriate to the situation and to empathize with and comfort others.Alka Burman, Early Literacy Specialist, discusses these concepts.Read More

School Readiness: Language and Cognitive Development – Alka Burman

Language and cognitive development is one of the more well-known areas of school readiness. Alka Burman, Early Literacy Specialist, discusses these concepts. Read More

School Readiness: Physical Health and Well-being – Alka Burman

The concept of school readiness is divided into different areas. One of these areas is known as physical health and well-being. Because a child’s physical well-being can affect their ability to actively engage both physically and mentally, this area is said by researchers to be one of the cornerstones of school readiness. Alka Burman, Early Literacy Specialist, discusses physical health and well being as they relate to school readiness. Read More