Online Training Courses

Is limited funding making it hard to meet your organization’s large-scale training needs? Does your staff work from different locations, making live workshops logistically difficult? Are you finding it hard to train new team members?

Online training can be a cost effective and practical solution to give staff the skills they need to work with immigrant and refugee families.

CMAS develops custom online training modules and videos on a variety of topics related to caring for newcomer children. Our team of writers and curriculum designers work with subject matter experts to create rich, interactive learning experiences—quickly and affordably.

The following e-learning modules and videos are available:

  • Working with Newcomer Families: Gives caregivers the knowledge and tools to collaborate with and gain the trust of immigrant and refugee families.
  • Language Rich Environments: Designed to help caregivers recognize the importance of a child’s first language…not only to their self esteem, but also to acquiring a new language.
  • Separation Anxiety and Culture Shock: Helps caregivers to understand separation anxiety in newcomer families and the impact of culture shock on the separation process.
  • Responsive Curriculum in your Child Centred Program: Teaches caregivers about responsive curriculum—a highly researched method of teaching and interacting with children to help them succeed in the future.
  • Child Abuse Prevention and Intervention: Reviews key information and strategies, and provides practical activities to help caregivers feel more confident and knowledgeable about child abuse prevention and intervention. (Developed in partnership with BOOST)
  • Anaphylaxis Readiness Course: Raises awareness of the issues faced by children at risk of anaphylaxis and helps caregiver develop the skills needed to reduce the risks and to respond to an emergency. (Developed in partnership with Anaphylaxis Canada)
  • Art Activities for All Learners
  • Using Visual Based Strategies in a Newcomer Children’s Program
  • Working With School Agers Can Be Fun!
  • Great School Age Resources

If you need to train you staff on these topics—or have an idea for another course that relates to caring for newcomer children or working with immigrant and refugee families—we can build custom online learning modules that fit your organization’s needs and reach your audience…wherever they are located.

Contact us to find out more about any of our existing and custom e-learning courses.


CMAS Experience in Action: Anaphylaxis Online Training

Anaphylaxis, a severe allergic reaction, can be life threatening without knowledge of how to recognize and respond to it. Leap Learning Systems, in partnership with Anaphylaxis Canada and the Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, developed an award-winning online course geared towards educating school staff. However, there were gaps in training—especially in awareness and prevention for organizations serving immigrant and refugee children, a particularly vulnerable population.

CMAS worked with Anaphylaxis Canada and Leap Learning to modify and optimize the training for the newcomer child care community. The custom e-course included sample policies, visual representation of other cultures, and content specific to newcomer needs.

The comprehensive course was offered through the CMAS web site Learning Management System, allowing all Service Providing Organizations access. In Ontario alone, over 300 caregivers were trained during a three-year period. As a result, they were able to put into practice newly acquired anaphylaxis awareness, identification, prevention and response skills to create a safer, healthier environment for thousands of newcomer children.