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NEW! Eat Right Be Active Booklets

We all want children to grow up healthy and feeling great- and these booklets can help! They are full of everyday ideas that busy parents and caregivers can put into action so toddlers, preschoolers, and school-agers can eat well and be active.

Helping you Manage CNC Webinar

Managers and organizations play a critical role in preventing and responding to vicarious trauma and burnout. This webinar recording for CNC administrators and SDRs describes: what vicarious trauma is and how it is different from burnout; how to identify signs and symptoms; and preventive measures that organizations and managers can take to provide a protective and supportive environment for staff.

The Resilience Guide: Program Strategies for Responding to Trauma in Refugee Children

Many of the things we already do in early childhood programs not only support healthy child development, but also strengthen the capacity for resilience and recovery in young children who have experienced trauma. The Resilience Guide provides information and resources to help you understand the impact of the refugee experience at different ages, developmental effects of trauma and resettlement, and key strategies to strengthen families’ capacity for resilience. It also includes practical tip sheets designed to easily print out and share with your team!

IRCC Resource: Violence Prevention Resource Cards

As part of IRCCs on-going commitment to violence prevention, they have developed a multilingual resource card that is small and easy to discreetly pass along to clients in various settings. The card contains key contact and emergency information that directs clients to a variety of resources that can be accessed in most places throughout Canada. It is intended for newcomers who may be victims of abuse or those believed to be at risk and can be ordered by SPOs here.

$100 Million Grant Awarded To Create Early Years Programming For Refugee Children

Sesame Workshop, in partnership with International Rescue Committee, was selected to create early education programming for children displaced by Syria’s civil war. The effort promises to create a scalable, measurable model that can be replicated to educate refugee children around the world. Learn more...

Self-Care for Child Care Professionals

Working with young newcomer children can be incredibly rewarding, but it does come with challenges that can take a toll on your mind, emotions and body - so it’s important to make time for yourself. If you're looking for self-care tips, this article is for you!

New Online Tutorial- Managing risks: Supervision of Children

Most serious occurrences and injuries are predictable and preventable, but when supervision strategies break down, children can be at risk. We know that children must be supervised at all times, but what does that actually mean? Managing Risks: Supervision of Children provides a list of common mistakes and risks to consider when developing or reviewing your policies and procedures, checklists, tools and strategies for keeping the children in your care safe. At the end of the tutorial, you’ll also find resources, references, a facilitator guide and added group discussion questions so that you can easily facilitate your own team training.

Why Kids Should Play Outdoors in Winter

In winter and cold weather children’s play is often limited to the indoors. Adult fears about safety and negative attitudes toward exposure to cold weather are the barriers that prevent children from accessing play in winter months, but it's up to adults to focus on the importance of children’s play, regardless of the season. After all, play should not be restricted to warm weather. Let’s welcome winter with a playful attitude.

New and Improved Multilingual Parent Resource: All About Care for Newcomer Children (CNC)

A new and improved version of one of our most popular resources, is now available in 21 languages and ready for use in all provinces. All About CNC will help parents understand, what they can expect from CNC, important things to remember - like staying on-site, and information they need to share with CNC staff. It also has a section on the bottom, where you can personalize the document to communicate information that is specific to your SPO/CNC program.
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