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How to help young kids cope with the trauma of the last year

WEBINAR: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – It Starts in Early Childhood

Diversity, equity, and inclusion seem to be buzzwords these days, but what do they all mean? During this webinar, participants took a closer look at the role of leaders and educators in creating programs, policies, and approaches that reflect these values. They'll also have a chance to discuss practical tips to create environments where everyone is welcome and included!

Webinar: Working Well with Babies

The first three years are a distinct developmental period in which quality of care and education have long-lasting effects. Babies have unique needs, and infant/ toddler education is one of the most important, complex, and challenging jobs. The Working Well with Babies webinar provides a set of comprehensive competencies, organized into 9 domains, along with the supports that educators need!

AMSSA Webinar: Attachment-Based Care in Early Years Education

In this webinar, participants will learn about how to take an attachment-based approach to support new immigrant children and families. Newcomers to Canada may face adversity as part of the immigration process in addition to possible geographic and social isolation as part of the COVID-19 pandemic. Attendees will also think about play, documentation, and making curriculum visible for parents as a way to connect with parents. Participants will also think in relation to theories that inform their practices in Canada, the cultural assumptions embedded in those theories, and work with families from a place of cultural humility.


CMAS is proud to present this recording of a special CNC film screening and panel discussion of the award-winning film, Reflecting on Anti-bias Education in Action: The Early Years, with co-producers Debbie LeeKeenan and John Nimmo, as well as featured teacher Nadia Janobeta. The film shifts the focus away from the talking heads of experts and on to the voices of teachers committed to equity and diversity on a daily basis. By taking viewers into diverse early childhood classrooms, the film seeks to demonstrate the importance of teacher reflection on identity, context, and practice in anti-bias education and provides a much-needed resource for teacher education and professional development. 

How to Use Books to Promote Diversity in Early Education Classrooms

Many educators struggle with how to introduce the topic of diversity and differences in a classroom. How do we manage to do this without making one child or any of our children feel singled out? How do we make diversity something that we celebrate and talk about instead of acting like we are all the same? How do we ensure that all our staff participates in the discussion? Books are a great way to introduce diversity in CNC.

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