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Are you planning a summer school-age program?

School-age children have different needs and interests than their younger siblings - and it can be challenging to find activities and ideas to keep everyone engaged and having fun during summer months. Here are some resources to help: A Collection of 100 Outstanding Summer Camp Program Ideas and 101 Summer Activities for Kids. And we'd love to hear about your summer school-age program... if you try any of the ideas, take some photos and share them with us here!

What to look for in a child-centred CNC program: Helping you Manage CNC Webinar

In this webinar, presented by Ryerson/George Brown professor, Rachel Brophy, CNC Administrators have the opportunity to learn more about what to look for in their child-centred CNC program, the power of conversation, and what it means to be a child-centred administrator. There’s also a helpful tool for CNC administrators that includes an observation checklist and a list of conversation starters for discussions around CNC curriculum! Watch the webinar recording, download the ppt and What to look for in a child-centered program: A helpful tool for CNC Administrators now!

Webinar: Supporting newcomer children’s wellbeing through creativity and play

This webinar will draw on the experience of researchers and highlight how lessons learned in two research projects can be adapted and modified for newcomer children in educational settings. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss strategies from research and practice to better understand and improve the paths to support children’s wellbeing, when children are forced from their homes. Register here.

CNC in Action: Lunch and Learn Sessions for Families

All parents have questions about child health and development, but language and other barriers can make it difficult for many newcomer parents to get answers. Parents often turn to CNC staff for help, so when Cathy Condarcuri-Sain, Supervisor of Language Programs at the Durham Catholic District School Board Whitby Language Center’s CNC program, heard that the YMCA’s Family and Community Action Program (FCAP) offered workshops on these topics for parents, she took notice.

WEBINAR: How to Create Experiences WITH Young Children Rather Than Planning Activities FOR Them

In the field of early childhood education, the focus has often been on planning an activity FOR children that is focused on coming up with a product. This webinar, will help us shift the way we think about classroom experiences and create more meaningful play and learning opportunities.

Children need to be active, so Have a Ball!

Physical activity is essential to healthy child development, and the early years are the best time to give kids an active start. But where do you begin? The Have a Ball Together website will give you the tools you need to be able to promote and encourage physical activity for children 0-6.

What do Children Learn from Loose Parts Play?

Children are more engaged in their learning when they can use materials in different ways. Loose parts are natural objects or materials, which provide children with endless opportunities to build on their play. Here are examples of loose parts materials, and how they can be incorporated into a child's play to improve their development!
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