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CMAS in Action: Celebrate Children’s Book Week with Anna Humphrey, CMAS Editor and Children’s Book Author

CMAS is eager to spread the news about TD Canadian Children’s Book Week, an annual nationwide event being held from May 5-12 to celebrate Canadian children’s books and the importance of reading. Adding to the excitement? Our very own editor, Anna Humphrey, is one of only 30 authors selected to speak this year. Read about her involvement and find out how your families can attend events.

It’s World Allergy Week!

World Allergy Week is the perfect time to take a quick anaphylaxis refresher course. Allergyaware.ca offers a free online anaphylaxis course that will remind you of the basics of anaphylaxis, ways to reduce risks in your program, and the recommended emergency treatment - all in just 30 minutes!

Webinar: Hiring and retaining qualified staff is not mission impossible!

This webinar reviews some of your biggest staffing challenges, and provides ideas for overcoming those challenges, including unique approaches to recruitment, screening, and retention.

Webinar – Play Therapy Techniques in Early Childhood Settings: Supporting Social-emotional Learning & Self-regulation

In this webinar, you will learn how to support children’s development through their most natural means for expression: play. You will learn about essential play skills, derived from Child-Centered Play Therapy, and how to engage young children in play and interact with them in ways that can strengthen the attachment relationship while supporting the acquisition of vital coping skills.

CNC IN ACTION: 2018 CNC Conference

The 2018 CNC Conference, Working With Refugee Children and Their Families, was an opportunity to meet other CNC staff, build relationships, share strategies, and collaborate to create real life solutions that benefit children enrolled in CNC programs. Revisit highlights from the conference, and submit an idea from the conference that you implemented/plan to implement in your program to win a prize.

Make Bedtime Better: The Sleep Guide for Parents

Many families struggle with bedtime routines and helping children develop healthy sleeping patterns. This guide is full of information about all things related to children's sleep. The topics have been broken down into useful sections to make it easy to find the information and you're looking for.

Refugee Rights Day: April 4th

Refugee Rights Day is celebrated each year in Canada on April 4th. It is an opportunity to bring attention to the advances made in the protection of refugee rights in Canada as a result of the Singh Decision. Refugee Rights Day is also a time to learn about the threats to those rights. You can also watch these videos that help us understand the importance of this day.

Webinar: 5 Big Ideas About Early Brain Development

Find out about “5 big ideas” about early brain development that every parent and early childhood professional should know and use every day! For example, 700-1000 new neural connections form in a baby’s brain every second! What does that mean for the baby, and for your program?
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