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CNC Program Brings Holiday Spirit to SickKids Hospital

Each year, many children spend the holidays at SickKids Hospital. The children in the Afghan Women’s Organization (AWO) CNC program wanted to send these patients some cheer and hope for the New Year. With the help of their caregivers, they handcrafted 500 cards. One card will go to each child spending the holidays in a hospital bed. Thank you to the staff and families at AWO for making the season brighter. Click here to see photos of some of the completed cards.

Voices Of Children Documentary

In this small film with a big heart, we meet young children from communities around the globe, bringing us a glimpse of their extraordinary diversity. Children from five diverse countries draw us into their worlds through their many voices. Behind their experiences lie messages, both universal and informed by place, time, and culture. The children share their ideas, hopes, challenges, and capacity as they talk, sing, work, dance, and play!

Children take longer to learn two languages at once compared to just one — don’t fret

Some bilingual children from immigrant families develop each language at a slower pace because their learning is spread across two languages. This research shows strong evidence that the rate of language growth is influenced by the number of languages a child is learning - which challenges the belief that children are linguistic sponges who quickly absorb the language or languages they hear and become proficient speakers of both languages!

Best Start Conference

This event encourages service providers in prenatal health and early child development and education can meet, share, reflect, network and be inspired. It's an annual opportunity to increase knowledge, learn innovative strategies, and showcases promising practices across multiple settings related to family, maternal, newborn and young child health and education. Register now!

Refrigerate Right – Tips for Storing Food Safely

Did you know that it’s important to cover and place the food in a way that helps to keep it from getting cross-contaminated with drippings or juices from other foods when you store food in a refrigerator? Here's how...

What to look for in a child-centred CNC program: Helping you Manage CNC Webinar

In this webinar, presented by Ryerson/George Brown professor, Rachel Brophy, CNC Administrators have the opportunity to learn about child-centred care, and what to look for in their CNC program to ensure that newcomer children and parents are receiving the quality care and support they need. There’s also a helpful checklist for CNC administrators! Watch the webinar recording or download the ppt here now!
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