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11 Children’s Books About the Refugee Experience

Looking for new books for your program? Here's a list of 11 books for children of different ages that focus on the refugee experience.

African Storybook

African Storybook provides open access to picture storybooks in the languages of Africa for children’s literacy, enjoyment and imagination. They have resources and tools for reading, translating stories and even making your own storybook!

5 Ways To Nurture Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EI) is a hot topic these days! And with so many different books and articles to choose from, it can be challenging to process all of the latest findings on EI, much less apply them to everyday life. Here's a quick overview of the research and 5 everyday strategies to help children grow their emotional intelligence in your CNC program.

These Books Can Help You Explain Racism and Protest to Your Kids

The conversation about race needs to start early and keep happening, but many parents and caregivers are wondering how to talk about the deaths and unrest with children - and how to keep the important conversations about race and racism going when we’re not in a moment of national outrage.

Books & Tips for Talking With Children About Race

Talking to children about race isn't easy, but it is necessary because racism can thrive when you don’t. Before teaching your children anything, it's important to understand their development level. You have no reason to hide anything from them, but you also don’t have to go into great detail and cause unnecessary stress if it’s beyond their comprehension levels. Read more...

3 Ways to Help Families and Staff Build Resilience During the COVID-19 Outbreak

The worldwide outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a source of unexpected stress and adversity for many people. Resilience can help us get through and overcome hardship, but it's not something we’re born with—it’s built over time. What can we do to help families and staff build up and strengthen resilience right now during the COVID-19 outbreak? And how can we build resilience to plan ahead for future times of crisis?

CMAS Webinar: The Art of Storytelling with James Funnyhat

In this new CMAS webinar, James Funnyhat, an expert storyteller and musician, shares some tips and inspiring ideas for capturing the imagination and keeping children's attention... even when the shows are online!
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