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WEBINAR: Energizing Storytime with Children

This HiMama Helps webinar explores the idea of storytime as a powerful way to introduce the child to language, feelings, sequence, and new ideas. Storytime activates a child’s imagination and expands his or her world. When children engage in stories, they are on their way to becoming life-long readers and learners!

We are different, we are the same: Activities that teach young children about diversity

Diversity activities teach young children to respect and celebrate the differences in all people. Learning about different cultural aspects offers new experiences for children. It also helps them realize that we’re all humans, despite differences in how we look or dress, or what we eat or celebrate! Games and activities are a fun way for young children to learn about differences and similarities and to introduce the concept of diversity.

200+ activities ideas you can do at home with kids

Many programs across the country are closed in order to slow the spread of COVID-19, and kids are staying home due to the pandemic. Thankfully, learning doesn’t only happen in classrooms. Even while social distancing or self-isolating, children can keep on learning through play, using active games to keep them moving and learning at home. Here is a helpful article and list of over 200 activities ideas you can share with families to help them stay active at home!

WEBINAR: Play in the Era of COVID-19

Join Redleaf Press and Thomas Rendon, co-author of SAVING PLAY: Addressing Standards through Play-Based Learning in Preschool and Kindergarten, in conversation on Play in the Era of COVID-19

Virtual Roots of Empathy Symposium

The world has gone through unprecedented change, and in this time of instability and uncertainty about the future, the need for empathy is great. And now you can join thousands of like-minded individuals from health, education, research, and aligned fields for the first ever virtual and free Roots of Empathy Symposium. This year’s event brings together top North American neuroscientists, psychiatrists, and experts on empathy like Dr. Richard Davidson, Dr. Dan Siegel, Prof. Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, and Dr. Bruce Perry. The symposium will dive into topics such as empathy in leadership, well-being, and social justice.

How to spot the difference between COVID-19 and allergies

Coughing or sneezing has always been part of allergy and flu season, but today people might get worried if they show any symptoms that are related to COVID-19. The Saskatchewan Health Authority has published a list that compares the symptoms of COVID-19 with those of allergies.

Supporting The Settlement Of Young Immigrant Children And Their Families, by Julie Dotsch is now available online!

Do you work with newcomer children and families? Having newcomer children in your care can present unique challenges, but it’s also an exciting opportunity to learn, grow and have a lasting impact on  children’s lives. In her book, Supporting The Settlement Of Young Immigrant Children And Their Families, child care and diversity expert Julie Dotsch shares strategies and ideas from caregivers working in the field of newcomer child care, and builds on caregivers’ professionalism, knowledge and experience to provide a greater understanding of the new immigrant and refugee experience from a child’s and family’s perspective. Now you can download your own copy of Supporting The Settlement Of Young Immigrant Children And Their Families in PDF format!

Transform Challenging Behavior FREE Online Conference for Early Childhood Providers

In this online event, participants will consider the topic of challenging behaviour from many angles, focus on prevention and look at how to support children using innovative strategies. Sessions will also explore racial disproportionality and implicit bias surrounding issues of challenging behaviour in the early years.

FILM: Reflecting on Anti-bias Education in Action- The Early Years

A new film, Reflecting on Anti-bias Education in Action: The Early Years, features vignettes of anti-bias strategies in early childhood classrooms interspersed with teachers reflecting on their practice. The film shifts the focus away from the talking heads of experts and on to the voices of teachers committed to equity on a daily basis. By taking viewers into diverse early childhood classrooms, the film demonstrates the importance of teacher reflection on identity, context, and practice in anti-bias education and provides a much-needed resource for teacher education and professional development. It also includes an accompanying viewer guidebook and suggestions for using the film for professional development for your team!

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