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What’s Behind Separation Anxiety

Handling separation anxiety isn’t only about managing an individual child, it is also about working with their parents through it all and creating a safe and welcoming environment. It also helps to understand what's behind separation anxiety for different age groups, and strategies to help!

CMAS in Action: A Team Effort– Supporting Special Needs in CNC

Children arrive in your CNC programs and may exhibit concerning behaviours or delays. Sometimes, these issues disappear as they settle into the routine. Other times, additional professional assistance is needed. Even if a child does not have a special needs diagnosis, CMAS can help.

Block play can support early literacy?

Block play is a popular activity for children in many of our CNC programs, but have you ever thought about using it to support early literacy? BLOCK BUILDERS: Growing literacy skills through play is full of fun block play activity ideas. Which ones will you try in your program this week?

15 Tips for Creating Invitations To Play

Invitations to play are really just a collection of materials set up with some thought and creativity to invite children to explore, investigate, and PLAY. The goal is to create invitations that allow children to direct their own play - by giving them access to open ended materials that encourage investigation, further exploration of current interests, curiosity and imagination. It's about being intentional in your teaching but keeping it simple, hands on, child led and above all fun!

Government of Canada implements new regulations for corded window coverings

The Government of Canada is committed to providing consumer products that are safe, and to protecting children from harm. Health Canada has published the new Corded Window Coverings Regulations to restrict the length of cords and the size of loops allowed on window coverings sold in Canada, to avoid the possibility of their getting wrapped around a child's neck. The new regulations will come into force on May 1, 2021.

New Online Tutorial: 10 Simple Ways to Encourage Language in Newcomer Children

How you integrate and support language learning in your program can make all the difference to how children embrace the process. It can also impact how families view the learning of English, and how they appreciate and see the importance of their maintaining their home language. In this tutorial, we look at 10 Simple Ways to Encourage Language in Newcomer Children - and hopefully remind you of all the powerful little things you do each day to support language and learning in your program!
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