Working with Newcomer Families


5 Guiding Principles for the Care of Newcomer Children
Tutorial length: 30 minutes
Publish Date: June 2018

Working with young newcomers is challenging and important work. Not only can the children be vulnerable because of the stress they often experience while adapting to a new language and culture, but they can also be feeling the effects of the stress being experienced by their parents as the entire family adjusts to life in a new country! The guiding principles outlined in this tutorial provide a framework of program expectations and set the stage for flexible early childhood programs that are sensitive, responsive and inclusive. Begin the tutorial…

Understanding Children’s Settlement: The Basics
Tutorial length: 15 minutes
Publish Date: March 2018

International research shows that young immigrant and refugee children experience settlement needs in five key areas. To build responsive programs for newcomer children, CNC staff need to understand these unique needs and how they can help. Understanding Children’s Settlement: The Basics is a 15-minute tutorial that describes each settlement need and strategies you can use in your program. It will also give you tips on how you can tell if a child is settling successfully! At the end of the tutorial, you’ll also find suggested resources, a facilitator guide and added group discussion questions so that you can easily facilitate your own team training. English version  | French version


10 Tips for Difficult Conversations with Parents: The Basics
Tutorial length: 30 minutes
Publish Date: November 2017

Sometimes, we need to have difficult conversations with parents about their child’s development, challenges or needs. Planning for these interactions can be stressful, but this 19-minute tutorial provides you with tools and strategies, common mistakes to avoid, and 10 tips for planning ahead and managing difficult conversations in an approachable and professional way. It also includes a facilitator guide and 10 questions for group discussion and personal reflection to use with your team, extend your learning and help you identify concrete strategies that you can use in your program. Let’s get started!


Separation Anxiety and Culture Shock
e-course length: 68 minutes
Publish Date: November 2012*

*Note that a newer resource (November 2017) on this topic– A Parent’s Guide to Gradual Separation – is also available in over 40 languages.

The Separation Anxiety and Culture Shock online workshop will help you understand separation anxiety in immigrant and refugee families and the impact of culture shock on the separation process.

The course offers strategies to help you manage separations, as well as parent expectations. From creating a sample separation plan to navigating your way through a gradual separation scenario, you will put these strategies into practice.

By the end of this workshop, you should feel confident in your ability to smoothly and professionally support newcomer children and parents through the separation process. Download PDF | Go to Course
Child Abuse Prevention and Intervention
e-course length: 1  hour 15 minutes
Publish Date: October 2012

In this online course, you will review key information and strategies, and participate in practical activities to help you feel more confident and knowledgeable about child abuse prevention and intervention.

For each topic, you will have a chance to practice various tasks to help you with your roles and responsibilities in the workplace when dealing with a child abuse concern. You will also have an opportunity to practice finding the information you need to determine the best actions to take.

The activities and examples in this course are real-life and are meant to help you take the information you have learned in your previous course and to apply it in the workplace. Download PDF | Go to Course
Working with Newcomer Families
e-course length: 69 minutes
Publish Date: September 2012

The Working with Newcomer Families online workshop gives you the knowledge and tools to collaborate with and gain the trust of the families of the children in your care.

The course covers both the theory and practice behind topics that include family and child-centred care, diversity and bias, cross cultural child-rearing practices and communication, and building trusting relationships.

By the end of this workshop, you should feel confident in your ability to create positive, professional and trusting relationships with immigrant and refugee families that are based on mutual respect and recognition of the value of diversity. Download PDF | Go to Course