Health and Safety

Why Kids Should Play Outdoors in Winter

In winter and cold weather children’s play is often limited to the indoors. Adult fears about safety and negative attitudes toward exposure to cold weather are the barriers that prevent children from accessing play in winter months, but it's up to adults to focus on the importance of children’s play, regardless of the season. After all, play should not be restricted to warm weather. Let’s welcome winter with a playful attitude.

Meal planning made easy for parents and caregivers

Healthy eating helps children grow and thrive, but managing mealtimes and helping children develop healthy eating habits can be challenging! This helpful new resource includes: sample menus, checklists, ideas for picky eaters and saving money, simple, healthy, kid-friendly recipes and more... (Available in English and French)

Fire Safety At Home – Multilingual Resource for Parents

Help the families in your program stay safe with these basic fire safety tip sheets that are available in Arabic, Bosnian, Somali and Spanish.

Child Safety Information for Parents – Available in 12 languages

Help parents understand how to keep their children safe with these multilingual checklists on topics like home, child and car seat safety.

Hand in Hand: A Parenting Journey – Parenting Guide for Newcomers

What are the Canadian laws surrounding child abuse? Do I need to change my parenting style? Should I be scared of losing my child? Hand in Hand: A Parenting Journey answers these common questions from newcomer parents. Developed with input from Canadian families and newcomers, this guide gives families new parenting tools and information about resources to support their parenting here in Canada.

Child Safety Guide: A Checklist for New Parents

This guide features simple lists of things to do to keep children safe. It features a childproofing checklist, and topics like fire and burns, choking and suffocation, poison, water safety and more!

NEW! Emergency preparedness guide – available in 12 languages

72 hours is a long time without food and water... Being prepared for an emergency can significantly reduce the hardship that families experience during a local or city-wide emergency. Get Emergency Ready: High-rise Living is available in 12 languages, and Get Emergency Ready: Your Personal Preparedness Guide is available in English. Share them with newcomer families so they know about risks and how to prepare!

Ontario Expands Free Dental Care for Kids

More than 323,000 children from low-income families are getting free dental care through the new Healthy Smiles Ontario program. Let parents know they can apply here.

“New In Canada” Parenting Support Series – Brochures

There are many challenges facing parents in keeping their children safe. Multilingual New In Canada Parenting Support Brochures are now available online and ready for printing! Read More

Sleep Well, Sleep Safe

This booklet is for parents and caregivers of infants from 0-12 months. It provides information on healthy sleep tips for infants and parents, how to reduce the risks of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and other sleep related causes of infant death. Available in English and French.