Health and Safety

Heatstroke Prevention Safety Tips

Did you know that heatstroke can be deadly and requires immediate medical attention? An average of 38 children die each year in hot cars, so it's important to be prepared and take action. This Heatstroke Prevention Safety Tips poster can help.  

Fun No-Equipment Outdoor Game Ideas

Here are some tried-and-true outdoor game ideas that don't require any equipment. The list includes traditional games, fun variations on old-time favourites, and some new activities. Whether you’re looking for outdoor games for a big group or just a few, this list is a great go-to guide for fun active outdoor games that you can set up on the spur of the moment, no gear or equipment necessary!

No Backyard, No Problem… Families Can Bring the Outside In!

No backyard? No problem! If the only outdoor space families have access to is a balcony or concrete patio, they can still access nature and its healing powers by bringing it indoors through crafts, gardening, books, and online resources. Here's a list you can share with parents, full of fun and simple nature-themed ways for children to stay curious about the natural world indoors.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

When children experiencing emotional distress receive support from caring adults in their lives, they’re better able to build a strong foundation for emotional well-being. For Mental Health Awareness Month, Sesame Workshop has launched a new set of resources to support children experiencing emotional distress. The new resources include animated videos, Sesame Street Muppet videos, printables, a digital storybook, and more.

The Newcomer Health Hub

Although Canada is a global leader in refugee resettlement, we still have room to improve in meeting the unique and complex health challenges experienced by newcomers. To raise awareness about the unique health and social challenges at a local and national level, three medical students at Western University's Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry have started an online resource centre that provides culturally-specific health information for newcomers and refugees to Canada. The Newcomer Health Hub is a resource for community members and frontline healthcare workers looking to treat, advocate for, and empower newcomers to Canada. It provides evidence-based, culturally competent resources to promote impactful interactions between newcomer patient populations and the health care system.

Mental Health Skills for Preschool Children: Video Series

This series of 5 short videos introduces important ideas, taught the way young children learn best: through entertaining, relatable stories set in a vivid, imaginary world! The Healthy Minds, Thriving Kids Pre-K Project video series is based on mental health research, created to make important mental health skills available to preschool children (age 3 to 5). Each video features a memorable song that reinforces the key messages. We invite you to watch the complete series with the children in your program. You can also download the free companion guides that summarize key ideas and include an activity that can use to help kids practice the skills they’re learning. 

Hazards in a Childcare Centre

Keeping children and caregivers safe is a key responsibility of any early years program. It involves education, supervision, and safe-proofing the environment! It is simply impossible to watch all children all the time, so hazard identification and elimination becomes a key part of the strategy. Here is a guide to help you identify the common and not so common hazards so you can make your program safer for everyone.

Our Kids’ Health is a Website for Diverse Parents

Our Kids' Health shares evidence-based health information that is translated and adapted to help diverse parents and caregivers make the right decisions for the health of their families. It's a great resource for you to encourage newcomer parents to explore to support their children's well-being. Topics include nutrition, mental health, all in one place!

Free apps and websites to share with parents and get kids moving!

Managing screen time can be a real challenge for families with young children. Here are a few free digital apps and platforms families can try out for a more positive screen experience. Share them with parents and encourage them to choose apps and online activities that keep their kids active and engaged. 

Increase in Measles Cases

Amid an increase in cases of measles in Canada, here's what you should know about symptoms of measles and how it's spread.