Programs and Activities

Webinar: Puppet Pals for Children, SEL Partners for Teachers

Whether you are teaching in person or online, this information-packed webinar will provide strategies for using puppets to create engaging experiences for young children. Participants will be inspired to use puppets as "pals" who help children with problem solving, empathy, community-building, and all aspects of development. Join this webinar to learn how to make puppets partners in your online or in-person program.

Webinar: Building Holiday Diversity

In this HiMama Helps Webinar, participants will take a look at diversity and inclusion around the holiday season, explore tips, and ways to be inclusive in early childhood programs while celebrating different holidays. 

Prioritize “connections over content” in all virtual learning efforts

COVID IMAGEIdeally, virtual classrooms and programs can represent a space for children to focus on learning and to process the emotional and social effects of the pandemic. This article includes a list of considerations, including a recommendation to prioritize “connections over content” in all virtual learning efforts for children and families.

Creating Early Learning Spaces for Multi-Age Groups

Designing and creating engaging early learning spaces for children of different ages can be a challenge but here are a few simple strategies to make the process a little easier, and make life less stressful for caregivers - with a focus on providing as many opportunities as possible for the children to explore and play, challenge themselves or try something new!

Looking for activity ideas?

HiMama has curated a variety of arts and crafts activity ideas that support children's development and enhance their motor skills. Just provide the materials and let the children explore shapes, colors, textures… all while having fun!

Are you using WhatsApp to connect with families?

Many CNC programs have been using  WhatsApp to connect with newcomer parents and children throughout the pandemic. No matter what virtual platform you're using, it's important to use the technology responsibly and understand best practices when it comes to safety and security. Here's a helpful article on how to use WhatsApp responsibly.

Are you using Zoom to connect with children and families?

COVID-19 is forcing everyone to change how they function, and CNC is no exception. If your program is using Zoom to offer online sessions for families during the pandemic, here are two articles with some tips and tricks that might help: How to use Zoom as an early childhood educator and How to Do Zoom Sessions for Little Tiny Squirmy Kids

Multilingual stories for children

StoryWeaver and Reads have lovely digital collections of multilingual stories for you to share!

Six Key Elements of Meaningful Play

Play supports the development of the whole child, including cognitive, social, physical, and emotional skills. So it's important to actively protect and encourage playtime for children - and to understand the key elements that can help you better foster quality play.

WEBINAR: Virtual Learning and Loose Parts to Create Meaning for Young Children

In this webinar, participants will discuss creative ways to design, develop and deliver useful and engaging virtual education for young children based on integrating loose parts (ordinary objects from home) to promote active play. We will also talk about ideas to limit screen time, and instead create a virtual balanced schedule that promotes equity.