Special Needs


The Importance of Early Identification for Newcomer Children with Special Needs–Helping you Manage CNC
Webinar length: 55 minutes
Publish Date: October 2018

CNC programs are often one of the first points of contact for families who are new to Canada, and they can play an important role in getting support for newcomer children with special needs. In this webinar, presented by Sasha Delgado and Maria Velasquez, from Macaulay Child Development Centre, CNC Administrators will have the opportunity to learn about why early identification and support for newcomer children with special needs is so important, and discuss strategies for how SPOs can help better children with special needs and their families.  Once you have completed this webinar, we invite you to complete this evaluation, which will help with the development of future webinars.  Watch the webinar...

As promised, here is the report that the presenter agreed to share. For more information on well-child visits and schedules, please visit Caring for Kids.

3 Simple Visuals For Every CNC Program
Tutorial length: 8 minutes
Publish Date: February 2019

Young children are naturally visual learners as they observe, imitate and learn to read body language. For newcomer children, visual cues can be even more important – especially when you don’t have a shared language!

In this tutorial, we review the three simple visuals that are essential in every Care for Newcomer Children program.