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Playing With Rainbows

Playing with Rainbows is a national play program developed by the YWCA of Canada for children who have experienced war. This kit (available at a cost of $30) contains everything you’ll need to develop your own play-based group for children who have been traumatized by experiences of war or migration. It is adaptable for children from ages 4–12 and includes activities and exercises to hold a 12-session children’s group.

Helping Traumatized Children

One of the questions caregivers who work with traumatized children ask most often is: Should I talk to the child about the traumatic event? In this booklet from Child Trauma Academy you’ll find answers to this question and many more. It has a section specifically dedicated to infants that explains the impact of trauma, the devastation that can occur, and how it can alter their physical, emotional, cognitive and social development.

Invisible Wounds: The impact of six years of war on the mental health of Syria’s children

At least three million children under the age of six know nothing but war. For many Syrian children, prolonged exposure to war, stress and uncertainty has left them in a state of “toxic stress.” Some of the immediate impacts of this stress are increased bedwetting, self-harm, suicide attempts and aggressive or withdrawn behaviour. Left untreated the long-term effects may be even greater. Save the Children has completed the largest and most comprehensive study of Syrian children’s mental health and well-being. This 25-page report documents the impact of war on children and their families and ends with recommendations for creating solutions.

Webinar: Trauma Informed Care for Refugees and Children

What are the effects of trauma on immigrant children? How is mental health screening done? What are some options for helping children who have experienced trauma? Recorded in November 2016, this webinar discusses issues that children face when exposed to trauma and helps caregivers learn to respond appropriately.

Report: Educational and Mental Health Needs of Syrian Refugee Children

Upon arrival in countries of first asylum, Syrian children have encountered various disruptions and barriers to receiving an adequate education. This report examines the experiences and resulting educational and mental health needs of Syrian children living as refugees.

Report: Collaboration Improves Access to Early Childhood Education for Refugees

Collaboration among multiple services is essential to effectively serve the range of needs that refugees and immigrant families experience. This report reveals benefits of and barriers to collaboration, and identifies critical factors and specific strategies for facilitating collaboration between service systems.

All About Child Care Brochure

Newcomer parents using CIC funded settlement services often have a lot of questions about the on-site child care available to their children. All About Child Care is a unique resource for you to give parents who would like to participate in settlement services, to help them understand the child care services available to them. Read More

Arabic Words Tip Sheet

CMAS has created a helpful tip sheet of 15 Arabic Words that you can use in your program.

Language Learning Stages and Strategies: Quick Reference Sheet

Language Learning Stages and Strategies: Quick Reference Sheet

Language Learning Issues Signs And Strategies: Quick Reference Sheet

Language Learning Issues Signs And Strategies: Quick Reference Sheet