Adjusting to unfamiliar people and surroundings can be hard for children – and even more challenging if they are also new to the country and language.

That’s where your knowledge and training come in to play.

As a professional, you need to understand the newcomer experience and develop a program to work for all children…as well as each individual child.

If your job involves serving immigrant and refugee families in any capacity—whether you are an administrator, ECE or caregiver in a school, community, government or private child care program—this section gives you the information and tools needed to help them settle successfully.

Culture and Diversity

div people icon Find informative and practical resources on subjects including culture, culture shock, separation anxiety and diversity.

Child Development

A1 iconExplore information, resources and program ideas to encourage the cognitive, social, emotional and language development of newcomer children.

Programs and Activities

Hand iconPlan your space, programs and activities that are geared towards the settlement and development of immigrant and refugee children.

Health and Safety

First Cross iconLearn about health and safety related topics like nutrition, infection control, physical activity and child abuse identification, as well as link to important government sponsored product recall information.

Special Needs

See what information, tools and resources are available for you to both include and support children with special needs, as well as work with their families to make the transition into a new country as smooth as possible.

Parents and Families

people iconObtain information on working with newcomer families, including helpful parent resources and links for immigrant and refugee families.