CNC Virtual Tours

Each CNC program is unique, and at past conferences, participants have had an opportunity to visit local CNC programs to see how they set up their space and hear about their programming. Because the 2023 CNC conference was virtual, for the first time, we had a unique opportunity to virtually connect, “visit” and learn from quality CNC programs in different provinces. Instead of taking a bus to visit a program, conference participants were taken on four virtual tours through CNC programs in Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. And now these virtual tours are available for everyone!

CNC VIRTUAL TOUR: Wortley YMCA, London, Ontario

Welcome to the Wortley YMCA CNC program in London, Ontario!

This CNC program offers care for up to 10 toddlers and 15 preschool newcomer children. They’ve got a beautiful and welcoming space, where they really focus on creating a home-like feel and a sense of belonging for the children and families, with lots of natural materials and calming, neutral colours. Beata and Yolanta are the CNC supervisors here and they’ve invited us inside to take a peek.

CNC VIRTUAL TOUR: Regional Connections, Winkler, Manitoba

Welcome to the Regional Connection CNC program in Winkler, Manitoba!

This program has really come a long way since it started out as a group of volunteers with a few toys in an empty classroom. Now, this program operates much as a licensed center does, with an exceptional CNC team of five staff who are very passionate about their work, and come to work with a positive attitude each day. They focus on all areas of the child’s development, with a particular focus on language and emotional development. Natalie MacFarlane is the Care for Newcomer Children (CNC) Coordinator at Regional Connections, and she has invited us inside to tour of one of their three onsite CNC programs. 

CNC VIRTUAL TOUR: Multicultural Association of Greater Moncton Area (MAGMA), Moncton, New Brunswick

Welcome to the Multicultural Association of Greater Moncton Area (MAGMA) in Moncton, New Brunswick!

This CNC program has come a long way since they first started in the basement of an old church over 20 years ago. It’s great to see how the program and team has grown and is able to be so responsive to the diverse needs and languages of the newcomer children and families in their community. Now, they’ve got a beautiful and welcoming space in downtown Moncton, where they care for up to 35 children in both the morning and afternoon programs. Jamee Densmore is the CNC supervisor here, and she’s invited us inside to take a peek!

CNC VIRTUAL TOUR: Immigrant Serving Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS), Halifax, Nova Scotia

Welcome to the ISANS Joseph Howe CNC program in Halifax, Nova Scotia!

ISANS has been operating Care for Newcomer Children programs for over 20 years, where they incorporate family-centred, trauma-informed care that really supports the development and settlement of newcomer children and families in their community. The Joseph Howe CNC program is one of three ECE centers where they care for up to 168 children each day. Gina Moynanis (Manager of Family, Children and Specialized Services) and Tayitu Sebsibie (CNC Supervisor) have invited us in to take a look.