Special Needs Expert Corner

Helping You Meet the Requirements: Supporting Newcomer Children With Special Needs

It is important to meet the needs of all children, but early intervention is particularly critical for a child with special needs. This article will explain how you can support these families…and meet CNC requirements.

Promoting Emotional Literacy in Young Children

Emotional literacy is the ability to identify, understand and respond to your own emotions and those of others. Learning to understand feelings, how our actions may affect others and how to express emotions is a major milestone in early childhood development. Learn how to promote emotional literacy in your program. Read More

Incorporating Diversity – Julie Dotsch

Diversity refers to all the ways that humans are unique. It influences many things, including how we judge others, how society values individuals and the outcomes individuals will have in life. Julie Dotsch, an ECE Diversity consultant for One World, explores ways to incorporate diversity in your program. Read More

Special Needs Quick Tip Videos

Do you care for newcomer children with special needs? Do you ever wonder how you can better support them? Read More