Resources for Caregiving in Conflict, Crisis or Stressful Situations

Caring for children during conflict contexts can be extremely challenging when caregivers face so many competing responsibilities. Warm, positive parenting can help buffer children from psychological harm during conflict and displacement. The United Nations has developed this series of supportive videos, audio recordings and resources (in various languages) that provide caregivers with tips and advice on how they might best support children during any kind of conflict and displacement.

Free Online Course for Parents and Caregivers

Parents, caregivers and other family members are central to a child’s early learning and development. The UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) launched a microlearning course aimed at parents and caregivers called Fun with Family Learning. Online and self-paced, this program offers short modules that provide parents and caregivers with support and fun ideas for learning with their children at home. The course is freely accessible until December 31, 2023.

WEBINAR: An Introduction to ‘Welcome Sesame’

Follow along for an introduction to resources designed to support families experiencing displacement or resettlement as a result of crisis. In this webinar, Sesame Workshop’s Shanna Kohn and Tara Wright introduce caregivers and providers to resources designed to support children and families experiencing displacement and/or resettlement after crisis. 

30 Engaging Baby Activities for Cognitive & Physical Development

A baby’s brain is growing and forming new connections every day. And everything you do—from talking and reading to singing and dancing—is helping that process. Even if baby's movements seem random and uncoordinated, important development is taking place, and they're gradually building their strength, coordination, and neural connections. That’s why it’s important to give babies lots of time to explore freely through a variety of movements. Here are some ideas to help get you started. is Multilingual! is a new website for early childhood educators that's filled with informative videos, posters, articles, and a monthly newsletter to help early childhood educators get children active. And all of the posters and videos are available in 10 languages, from Arabic to Ojibwe!

7 Tips for Supporting Children in Times of Global Stress

Whether children hear the news directly or feel the impact of heightened strain through other people, they look to the adults around them to help make sense of their feelings and thoughts. With some thoughtful steps, we can support the children we care for, and ourselves, to better manage the impact of the news and avoid being overwhelmed. Here are seven tips and encouragements for adults who are supporting children through this time.

Did you notice these recent product recalls?

3-in-1 LEA Baby Luna cribs have been recalled due to risks of entrapment and other injuries, and Magnetic Marvels have been recalled due to ingestion hazards for all ages. For an updated list of recalls and safety alerts, visit Health Canada regularly.

A Very Angry Preschool Song… Will it Work for Multiple Languages?

"This is an Angry Song” is a popular early years song in England that is a simple way to enable a child to express their anger with words and actions, and help other children understand the feelings a friend is experiencing. When we're working with multilingual groups of children, it's important to consider: Are the expressions and actions meaningful within the children's cultural context? Do they actually understand the words? Here are some tips for adapting songs like this for your CNC group.

Play-responsiveness as a Teaching Practice: Using The Original Learning Approach

Join Swedish early childhood care and education expert, Suzanne Axelsson, M.A. to explore how weaving wonder, curiosity, joy, knowledge, imagination, interaction, risk, time, reflection, and listening can bring teaching closer to a state of play. In this thought-provoking webinar, Suzanne shares how play informs educators about each child’s learning and motivation, so teaching becomes focused on sense-making, meaning-making and world-making. She also shares concepts and images from Sweden, as well as from other places around the world including Greece, Italy, China, Iceland, and Australia to further inspire your teaching practices.

10 Fun Autumn Activities for Families

Developing physical literacy is a year-round journey, so Active for Life has picked some fresh ways to play this season. Here's a list of 10 fun autumn activities that you can use to encourage families to pull on some layers, grab a toque, and enjoy everything the season has to offer.