Special Needs Quick Tip Videos

Do you care for newcomer children with special needs?  Do you ever wonder how you can better support them?

Here you’ll find two Special Needs Quick Tip Videos to help you.

Visual Based Strategies:  A short video that shows you how to develop and use visual strategies and tools to help engage the newcomer children in your care.

Art Activities for All Learners: A short video full of wonderful ideas, suggestions, and modifications to ensure that all children can participate in creative activities.

Newcomer families with children with special needs have diverse needs and unique challenges. To help you better support them, the Special Needs Consultant is available to provide:

  • Consultations by phone
  • Consultations on site
  • Information and connections to community resources
  • Development of resources as needed

To find a library of resources and links to supports in the community, please visit the Special Needs section of the website. To find out more, speak to your consultant, or contact the Special Needs Consultant directly.