Building Quality

CMAS Webinar: Resolving Conflict at Work with Karen Minty

Do you know how different personality styles behave under stress? How does your team resolve conflict under stressful situations? Karen Minty explains the basic needs of each personality style, and appropriate strategies to deal with difficult behaviour to quickly diffuse situations and prevent further conflict in this Resolving Conflict at Work webinar.

CMAS Webinar: The Art of Storytelling with James Funnyhat

In this new CMAS webinar, James Funnyhat, an expert storyteller and musician, shares some tips and inspiring ideas for capturing the imagination and keeping children's attention... even when the shows are online!

CMAS Webinar: How the Environment You Create Affects a Child’s Behaviour

In this new CMAS webinar, Ann Hutchings discusses how the environment you create affects children's behaviour. She also shares lots of inspiring ideas for child-centred spaces that encourage creativity, learning and development!

CMAS Webinar- Communication: Looking Through the Lens of Behaviour

In this new CMAS webinar, Shanda Burnett discusses how behaviour and communication are linked. She also explains the importance of relationships and observation, and how an ABC chart can help us understand the function of behaviour in our programs.

CMAS Webinar: Successful Transitions and Routines

In this new CMAS webinar, Kim Faber discusses why it's so important for transitions and routines to feel natural and flexible. She also talks about how consistent routines can help children feel safe, secure and confident - and how they help your whole program run smoothly!

CMAS Webinar: Engaging Children’s Senses Through Play

In this CMAS webinar, Jackie Cunningham discusses the importance of sensory play and how you can incorporate it into different areas of your programming.

New CMAS Promising Practices Webinar: Parent Orientations

A good parent orientation sets the stage for a smooth transition for newcomer families, but not every CNC team knows how to do it well. In this webinar, you have thee opportunity to hear directly from three experienced CNC administrators. They share their unique perspectives, promising practices and strategies that they find helpful when it comes to CNC parent orientations. In response to participant requests, Polycultural Immigrant and Community Services has also shared their Sample Visual Parent Orientation Form. Watch the webinar...

New Online Tutorial: The Power of Play

Children learn best when they are playing. In fact, play is so important to children’s development, that the United Nations has included play as one of the basic rights of every child in the Convention on the Rights of the Child! Through play, children get to know the world around them while exploring and testing their own limits. They’re figuring out how to coordinate their body movements, talk with friends, apply rules, and so much more. In the Power of Play tutorial, you’ll have an opportunity to consider why is play so important, how play supports children’s development and learning, three common myths about play, and strategies that can be used to support children’s learning through play in CNC each day. At the end of the tutorial, you’ll also find resources, references, a facilitator guide and added group discussion questions so that you can easily facilitate your own team training.