VIDEO: How to Help Children Feel Calm During a Global Crisis

When the world faces global trauma, we need each other more than ever. Don’t underestimate what the little things might mean to the children in your life. As it turns out, the little things will be the big things that will get us through this. Here's a quick video with tips for talking to kids about COVID-19 and other global trauma.

COVID-19 Resources for CNC Staff and Parents

With the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone across the globe is in the process of figuring out how to adapt in order to curb the spread of this virus. Here's a compilation of resources to help child care centers, teachers and families make the most of these uncertain times.

10 Important Professional Development Topics for ECEs

Wondering which topics you can study that will help you engage in developmentally appropriate ways to nurture and nourish this generation of young children? Here's a list of 10 professional development topics that ECE teachers are studying today - that they might not have explored 10 years ago!

COVID-19 information sheets in multiple languages

Here's a helpful series of multilingual COVID-19 signs and posters for you to share, print and post.

How to Help Children Calm Down

Many children have difficulty regulating their emotions. Tantrums, outbursts, whining, defiance, fighting: these are all behaviours you see when kids experience powerful feelings they can’t control. The good news is that learning to calm down instead of acting out is a skill that can be taught.

Ideas for Parents: How to Keep Kids Happy, Busy & Learning if School is Closed

Widespread school closures have sent a ripple effect into parent communities as many scramble to find ways to smoothly transition  into at-home life with kids. And the secret is a lot easier than you might think: develop a routine, and stick to it!  Here are some ideas to share with parents, and free online learning for kids.

Quick Video: A Fun Activity Idea to Teach the Magic of Hand Washing

Looking for fun and helpful activity ideas? Here is a simple activity using pepper, soap and water is being used to teach children the importance (and magic) of washing their hands!

How to Talk to Kids About Coronavirus

The coronavirus can be a difficult thing for children to understand. They see it on the news. They may see people in their neighbourhoods wearing medical masks. Given how scary or confusing it can be for young children, it’s important to know how to talk to them about it.

Now available in Simplified Chinese: 10 Tips for Encouraging Language

In response to program requests, the 10 Tips for Encouraging Language tipsheet has been translated into Simplified Chinese for you to share with parents.

Webinar – Bracing for COVID-19: What Early Childhood Programs Need to Know and Consider

While we may have heard tips to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, you may be scrambling to figure out the many other details that will impact your program. This Early Childhood Investigations webinar will take a deeper dive into all aspects of disaster preparedness including policies and procedures, and health considerations.