Parents and Families Expert Corner

“New In Canada” Parenting Support Series – Brochures

There are many challenges facing parents in keeping their children safe. Multilingual New In Canada Parenting Support Brochures are now available online and ready for printing! Read More

All About Child Care Brochure

Newcomer parents using CIC funded settlement services often have a lot of questions about the on-site child care available to their children. All About Child Care is a unique resource for you to give parents who would like to participate in settlement services, to help them understand the child care services available to them. Read More

Newcomer Parents Speak Out On CNC – Unveiling Some Surprising Results!

To better understand how parents feel about the care their children receive, CMAS designed and conducted an evaluation. Read more...

Helping You Meet the Requirements: Supporting Parents

When parents come to you for information and assistance, the support you provide helps families adapt to life here in Canada. This special feature will help you meet new requirements that specifically require all CNC programs to provide information on the topics of immunization, allergies/nutrition, settlement and community resources.

Reaching In, Reaching Out – Resiliency

When things get tough, resilient people "bounce back" from stressful experiences more easily. Reaching In, Reaching Out (RIRO) is an evidence-based skills training program to help adults help children develop a resilient response to life's bumps in the road. In this video, Carol Barbosa, from Stonegate Community Health Centre in Toronto will guide you through resilience theories, research, and practical strategies.

A Blueprint for Supporting Emergent Bilinguals in Your Program: Roma Chumak-Horbatsch’s Linguistically Appropriate Practice

At one time or another, all child care professionals in Canada—whether in a newcomer-focused program or not—will likely look after non-English speaking children. Read More

Creating A Welcoming Environment: How to support new children in your program

Moving to a new country is overwhelming, especially for a young child. They are just beginning to learn routines and to express themselves in their familiar surroundings when, suddenly, everything changes. Thankfully, there are many things you can do to help ease this difficult transition for the newcomer children in your program. Read More

Forging New Ties, Planting New Roots – Kenise Murphy Kilbride

It’s 2:00 in the morning and Julia’s baby, Cassandra, has been crying nonstop for about an hour. She knows Cassandra has a fever and is worried it’s getting worse. She thinks to herself, can I take her to the doctor or hospital? I think she needs medicine, but where would I find it? Julia knows she has to do something, but just doesn’t know what it is. She’s been living in Canada for only three weeks. Families who immigrate to Canada with young children have many concerns and questions about “how it’s done here” and where they can turn for help and resources. It’s a very stressful situation to move to another country, and even more so for families with younger children. Read More

Working with Newcomer Families – Julie Dotsch

When educators see families as experts in caring for their children, they feel welcomed and valued.Julie Dotsch, an ECE Diversity consultant for One World, shares some tips and ideas for working with newcomer families. Read more

Working with Parents – Julie Dotsch

Strategies on building relationships with and communicating with parents. Read More