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Why Are the Early Years So Important?

The Science of Early Child Development has beautiful, inspiring and information packed videos about the vital importance of the early years. Their multi-media, multi-edition interactive educational resources are designed to share science and information that shows how research links to practice in supporting the early years.

Video – Watch Language Skills Grow When They Make Playdough!

Lanie Igtanloc teaches her students to make playdough by measuring, mixing, and describing. While experimenting, watch how Ms. Igtanloc builds her students’ language skills by having them describe their observations.

WEBINAR – The science of dual language learning for children birth through age five: Effective practices – May 11

In this webinar, participants will review what is known about best practices for young dual language learners (DLL) from birth to five. Classroom examples of research-based strategies to support the development and achievement of children who are not native English speakers will also be discussed.


The START KIDS BRIGHT Webinar Series highlights best practices in early learning through five webinars around the topics of community engagement, dual language learning, interactions between children and teachers, and infant and toddler classroom best practices. The goal of this series is to equip early childhood practitioners with the necessary tools to elevate the quality of early education in their communities.

Celebrate Week of the Young Child™ – April 10-16

It's NAEYC's annual Week of the Young Child™, celebrating early learning, young children, their teachers and families. And in celebration, they've put together this wonderful list of resources and activity ideas!

Why do we do observation and documentation?

Observations and documentation help to create a holistic picture of children's experiences, development and learning, and help to support planning that is meaningful to each child. Read more...

Report: Collaboration Improves Access to Early Childhood Education for Refugees

Collaboration among multiple services is essential to effectively serve the range of needs that refugees and immigrant families experience. This report reveals benefits of and barriers to collaboration, and identifies critical factors and specific strategies for facilitating collaboration between service systems.
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