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If you use Borax in your program, this Health Canada advisory is for you!

Health Canada is advising Canadians to avoid using boric acid for arts and crafts projects, such as homemade slime, or modelling clay. Find out more...

A Guide for Newcomer Parents About School in Canada

The Canadian Multicultural Education Foundation has a guide will help to address some of the questions that immigrant and refugee parents may have about the school system in Canada, and give them the opportunity to address how their parenting role may be different in Canada than it was in their home country.

Video: How to Develop Literacy Skills With Dual Language Learners

Carmen Ngan builds her students’ expressive and receptive language skills through reading, writing, and speaking. In this video, she helps grows her students’ vocabularies and helps them develop an understanding of the relationship between spoken and written language.

Are you interested in a FREE course on Outdoor Play for Young Children?

Emerging research reinforces the relationship of outdoor play to children’s development, wellness and later academic performance. Outdoor play is the cornerstone for children developing skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, self-regulation skills and collaboration. This fall, the Canadian Child Care Federation is offering an innovative, 12 module, 36 hour online training program that will explore how children’s outdoor play is influenced by the adults and peers, space, places and materials such as loose parts. Find out more and register now.

Register Now for the 2016 Provincial Early Learning and Child Care Conference

This September, join the conversation about local innovation, leadership and advocacy, and share your knowledge and experiences to help move our sector forward in Ontario. Find out more and register now!

Register now for Manitoba Child Care Association’s Annual Directors Conference

This year's conference, Three Columns of Leadership for Staff, Self and Boards, will take place on Sept 29-30, 2016 in Russell Manitoba. Find out more about this exciting opportunity and register now!

What’s So Special about Canada? Understanding the Resilience of Immigration and Multiculturalism

Canada has a long history of immigration and has managed to maintain a consistently positive public consensus around its immigration system. Read more...

Communication Cards Can Help Bridge Communication Challenges with Syrian Refugee Families

Butterfly Communication makes a set of cards for Arabic-speaking families and the people in the community who support them. The Basic Set of cards contains greetings, leave-takings, and general communication phrases (eg. Welcome, How are you?, How do you say ____ in English/Arabic?).
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