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How to Build Resilience in Young Children

Are you looking for ways to help children become more confident? Handle everyday frustrations better? Bounce back from life’s challenges? This booklet offers tips and resources to help you build children’s resilience.

Happy Early Childhood Educator Appreciation Day!

Early Childhood Educator Appreciation Day is an opportunity to acknowledge the hard work of early childhood educators and the commitment they make every day to children and families in Ontario. "Registered early childhood educators are trained professionals specializing in the early development and learning of children, and are registered with the College of Early Childhood Educators. ... They are the ones that we put our faith in. They are the ones ... shaping our kids and our future generations. ... " ~ Honourable Indira Naidoo-Harris, Associate Minister of Education

Despite challenges, small-town Canada can feel like ‘heaven’ to newcomers

Brandon University's Rural Development Institute wanted to find out if small towns can provide all the necessary supports and services for newcomers.  Their study delves into the challenges and successes of settling refugees and immigrants in rural communities.  This article also describes the experience of a family when they resettled in Killarney, Manitoba as sponsored refugees. "Here we are free. The people are very friendly," Joh said. "It feels like home..."

8 Tips for Engaging Linguistically Diverse Families

Most programs address family engagement by offering a variety of special events and hoping family members will attend. Instead, relationships should be the goal! Use these tips to help you to shift the focus and create a plan for developing relationships with each individual family.

Childhood Interrupted: Lost Years for the Children of the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Earlier this year, a team travelled to Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey to assess the situation of refugee children in the region. Their report describes the children and families at risk, and documents the educational crisis. It also recommends consideration of family unity and the best interests of the child when developing services. Read more...

Nothing beats Grandma’s home cooking…

A restaurant in New York has been serving traditional foods prepared by grandmothers from different cultures for ten years. Read the Enoteca Maria story here!

Nutrition Handbook for Early Learning and Child Care

By working with families, and focusing on creating a healthy eating environment in your program, you have the opportunity to positively influence food choices and attitudes in their home lives as well. Read more for useful strategies, recipe ideas and resources...

4 quick recipes for sensory play that you’ve probably never tried before

Children can spend hours exploring with touch, language and imagination, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money and time creating exciting sensory materials.  Here are four sensory play ideas you can make with everyday ingredients you already have!

Quick Tip Video – Why Use Visual Cues?

In this 2-minute video, learn how and why to use visual cues in your program!
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