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Webinar: Explicit and Implicit Biases in Early Childhood Education

This 1.5 hour webinar explores explicit and implicit biases and microaggressions and how it impacts families. This includes hurtful comments people sometimes make unintentionally. Using real life examples, it explores and explains explicit and implicit biases and provides suggestions for handling it. Webinars hosted by Early Childhood Investigations offer certificates upon completion.

CNC in Action: Helping Parents

Mennonite New Life Centre of Toronto believes it is important to help immigrant parents take an active role in their child’s education. This can be challenging for families who find the school system in Canada very different from what they were used to in their home country. By participating in events through a school’s parent council, they can get to know the teachers and school administrators, and get a better understanding of what and how their children are learning. To help parents of children in the CNC program make that leap, Mennonite started a Newcomer Parent Council.

Podcast: Immigrant and Refugee Children in Childcare

In this recording, Julie Dotsch, writer, presenter and trainer for CMAS, discusses research and practices that support refugee children and families. She looks at the importance of keeping traditions alive by integrating them into the new culture as well as the importance of newcomer families maintaining their home languages.

Immunization Information for Newcomer Families

All CNC programs must provide newcomer families with information on immunization in Canada. This can be difficult when you serve a vast number of languages and the information is complex. Health Canada has recently jreleased: A Parent’s Guide to Vaccination in Canada that can help. The in-depth guide is available in French, Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Korean, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, Tamil and Urdu.f valuable material) is available in French, Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Korean, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, Tamil and Urdu.

Hand in Hand: A Parenting Journey – Parenting Guide for Newcomers

What are the laws surrounding child abuse in Canada? Do I need to change my parenting style? Should I be scared of losing my child? Hand in Hand: A Parenting Journey answers these common questions from newcomer parents, among many others. With input from Canadian families and newcomers, this guide gives families new parenting tools and information about resources that can support their parenting in Canada.

Quick Tip Video – Stop Sign: A Conflict Resolution Tool

In this 2-minute video, learn how and why to use a stop sign as a conflict resolution tool in your program!

Conference: The World Forum on Early Care and Education, May 9–12

The World Forum for early childhood educators is being held in Auckland New Zealand this year. It’s an opportunity for early childhood educators from around the world to meet, share ideas, hear the latest research and form relationships that span the globe. For registration information and to see all that is happening at the conference, click the link above.

Webinar: Preschool Health and Safety Matters

As program directors and teachers, you must be able to protect children from harm and promote their health and well-being. In this webinar, you’ll learn basic practices for keeping children safe, and ideas for educating children and families on health and safety issues.

How to Protect Children From Infection and Illness

Children are particularly susceptible to illnesses for many reasons. They haven't been exposed to common germs, their immune systems are still developing, and they often have poor hygiene habits. You play an important role in protecting children and minimizing the impact of infection and illness. And this manual can help! It includes useful forms, schedules and posters to help you keep children healthy. Read more...
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