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Videos to share with parents

Parenting can be hard - but you can support the parents in your program by providing them with information and tools to help them feel successful! These simple videos for parents of preschoolers have tips from other parents, show ideas in action and are available in both English and French.

Webinar: Nurturing Bilingual Infants and Toddlers – August 31

Being bilingual is good for the brain and the earlier children start to learn two languages, the easier and more successful that bilingual development can be. We know that language begins to develop before babies begin to talk, so this webinar will share developmentally appropriate ideas for supporting home languages and introducing new languages in play and caring routines.

Practical Tips for Working with Refugees from Syria and Surrounding Middle East Countries

These helpful tip sheets were developed by Clinic Psychology’s Public Mental Health Initiative for individuals working with refugees. They were developed to promote positive cross cultural experiences and assist in the transition of, and work with refugees from this region. Tips focus on topics like Culture, Family and Children, Education, Building Relationships and Trust, and Resettlement. Read more...

How will you celebrate friendship in your program this month?

July 30th is International Day of Friendship, and the United Nations wants to promote peace through friendship between countries, cultures, communities and people. Find activity ideas here to help you celebrate friendship in your program this month!

Video: Investigating Nature with Toddlers and Preschoolers

Preschool and toddler teachers describe how children engaged in a variety of learning activities while investigating insects, worms, gardening, and other aspects of nature. Hear how the the teachers developed their plan, and see how much the children have fun and learn here.

Refugees Welcome: TED Talks Video Playlist

Not since World War II have so many people been forcibly displaced by war and persecution. In response, TED has developed a playlist of 10 videos on why it's important to help refugees thrive, and personal stories of starting over.

Register now for the Alberta Early Years Conference!

Registration is now open for the Alberta Early Years 2016 Conference in October.  Find out more about Early Childhood: Exploring What Matters, and register here now.
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