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Are you looking for multilingual parent resources?

Did you know that the FRP Canada Multilingual Parenting Information Sheets are available in 16 languages? They are an easy way to provide parents with information on topics like guiding children's behaviour, literacy and numeracy, play time, family life, and the importance of being active.

VIDEO: Young Dual Language Learners Teach the Teacher!

English language learning is an interactive process that should include teachers affirmation of the child’s identity, self-esteem and capabilities. In this video snapshot, the teacher learns brand new words from his preschool children - in Chinese! It also includes helpful commentary from researcher, author and consultant Dr. Linda Espinosa and discussion questions that you can use with your team.

Hold on to Your Home Language parent brochures are available in 21 languages!

How do you talk to parents about the importance of keeping their home language?  Mylanguage.ca has brochures that can help you explain the benefits to parents - and they're available in 21 languages! Download Hold on to Your Home Language for the parents in your program here...

READY-TO-USE PARENT WORKSHOP: Building Resilience in Young Children

Everyone has the capacity for resilience. Building resilience is something we work on throughout our lives, and parents play the biggest role to play in helping their children develop strengths that support resilience. The purpose of this ready-to-use parent workshop is to provide practical tips and simple messages for parents about how to build resilience from infancy to age 6.

Roxana Radu: Journey to CNC

Roxana Radu’s journey to CNC was unusual. While following her plan to teach ESL to adults, she had an experience that changed her life and goals. We had a chance to talk to Roxana about her unconventional journey to CNC.

It’s National Home Fire Safety Week – How will you help keep families safe?

Do you know the risks and how to prevent them? Canada Safety Council has information on holiday fire safety issues, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and fire escape plans. Share this information with parents today!

How to select toys for short term or mobile children’s programs: Quick Tip Tutorial

You may not know the number of children, their ages and needs until they arrive. And staff may have to bring toys to different locations, so they need to be easy to transport and store! How can you plan for so many variables?

Working With An Interpreter

It can be challenging to interact effectively with newcomer families using an interpreter. Get tips for using an interpreter in a settlement context from these Canadian and International resources.

Changing Outcomes Through Child Profiles

The process of child observations is a key strategy used in CNC programs to plan for each child. Observations are a way to collect data on the child their interests and their growth. How this is done varies from program to program. The Catholic Cross Cultural CNC program introduced a model that moved away from just collecting information when the child enters the program to a more defined portfolio system.
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