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Video Snapshots: How to Support a Young Dual Language Learner at the Beginning of the Year?

These video snapshots are a great training tool! They not only document the early stages and strategies of preschool second language acquisition, but also reflect current research. It is a rare look at the first stages that are so vital to the teacher-child connection.

Register now for the Nova Scotia Child Care Association Fall Conference

The fourth annual Mental Health in the Early Years: Social Emotional Wellness from the Start conference is scheduled for October 21-23 in Halifax. Find out more and register now!

How does settlement impact families?

The newest edition of AMSSA's Migration Matters info sheet series, Family, Migration and Settlement, is full of facts and insight to help you better understand how and why integrating into Canadian society impacts parenting and family dynamics.

The Linguistic Genius of Babies

Have you heard the astonishing findings about how babies learn one language over another? Watch these clever lab experiments that show how 6-month-old babies listen and use sophisticated reasoning to understand their world.

3 Reasons Not to Wait to Assess Preschool DLLs with Special Needs

Have you ever wondered whether you should refer a newcomer child for help with a suspected special need? Sometimes we think we should wait, but this expert disagrees!

The Young Dual Language Learner Video Series: A Peek into Quality Early Childhood Programs for DLLs

Teaching At The Beginning, has recently released a series of 20 short videos to support educators of young DLLs. The videos can be used as tools for observation, study and professional development, and are separated into three helpful categories: Teaching Strategies, The First and Second Languages of Young Children, and Parents, Family and Community Engagement.

Coming Soon: Mentoring Skills Development for Early Childhood Educators in Nova Scotia

Mentoring is a partnership; a relationship between two people built on mutual trust and respect. This series of workshops will provide you with the skills needed to be an effective member of a mentoring pair, a relationship of giving and receiving support and recognition as you learn new things together. Find out more and register now!

Beyond Trauma: Strategies for Working with New Canadians Living with Trauma

Are you looking for strategies to support newcomers living with trauma?  Language Instruction Support and Training Network (LISTN) has developed this in depth guide for language instructors, but is a good starting point for early years professionals as well. It provides information on trauma, vicarious trauma and the importance of self-care, support strategies and things to consider, creating alternative learning spaces and more...

Remind.com has built in translation to help you communicate with parents

Remind.com is a free app that helps educators communicate with parents - and it has built in translation!
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