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Multilingual video series: Parenting Through COVID-19

These are challenging times, for children, for parents, for teachers. For all of us. Roots of Empathy has developed a series of mental health and well-being videos designed for parents of elementary school children. The videos are available in 18 languages, including six Indigenous languages.

Multilingual Parenting Tips for Uncertain Times

In the coming weeks, many families will find the stresses of full time parenting and staying inside with children to be a significant challenge. Triple P- Positive Parenting Program has developed two resources to help. 10 Tips for Parenting in Uncertain Times is now available in Arabic, Dutch, English, German and Spanish. Parenting During COVID-19 is also available in English and French.

Have You Seen This List of Multilingual COVID-19 Resources?

Here is a helpful list of multi-language resources and factsheets on COVID-19 for you to share with the newcomer families in your program!

COVID-19 information sheets in multiple languages

Here's a helpful series of multilingual COVID-19 signs and posters for you to share, print and post.

Ideas for Parents: How to Keep Kids Happy, Busy & Learning if School is Closed

Widespread school closures have sent a ripple effect into parent communities as many scramble to find ways to smoothly transition  into at-home life with kids. And the secret is a lot easier than you might think: develop a routine, and stick to it!  Here are some ideas to share with parents, and free online learning for kids.

Family Life in Canada Video Series for Parents

Did you know that Families Canada produces resources and programming to help newcomers settle in Canada? Explore their website to find resources to support your work with newcomer families, including parent resources like this Family Life in Canada Video Series for Parents.

Winter safety: Advice for parents and kids

Winter is a great season for fun outdoor activities like sledding and skating, but cold weather, ice, and snow can also be intimidating for newcomer families and potentially dangerous for children. Here's some tips to help parents and children enjoy winter activities safely.

Parenting Tips for Canadian Immigrants

Canadian Immigrant has compiled almost 100 articles and tips on parenting and raising children in Canada. From school to health to child development, these tips and strategies are helpful for all of the newcomer parents in your CNC program!

NEW! Parenting School-Age and Adult Children Curriculum Guide

Parenting School-Age and Adult Children was created to support newcomer parenting programs and address some of the challenges that newcomer parents and caregivers may have with parenting in Canadian society. The goal of the program is to help newcomer parents and caregivers gain effective communication skills, better understand the Canadian school systems, and create a safe space for parents and caregivers to address their questions and concerns relating to children integrating into the wider Canadian society and culture. The program is designed to meet the needs of newcomer parents and caregivers with a CLB 3 or higher in English language classes.

Promoting Healthy Attachments with Children

Attachment facilitates the development of emotional regulation, social skills, and empathy. It plays an important role in children’s overall development and learning. Early childhood educators are consistently learning and creating opportunities to build healthy attachments with the children in their care and supporting families in their own attachment with their children.