Food Allergy Awareness Month

May is Food Allergy Awareness Month in Canada and we encourage you to participate in the “Know it. Treat it.” campaign. This campaign is about de-mystifying anaphylaxis and empowering all Canadians to “Know” what the signs and symptoms are and how to “Treat” anaphylaxis. Here are some fact sheets that you can post and share in your CNC program!

Another Round of 2023 CNC Conference Session Recordings Are Now Available!

Here is a list of the newest conference session recordings that are now available for everyone in the CMAS Learning Centre!

Ontario CECE Practice Guidelines: Diversity and Culture

The Ontario College of Early Childhood Educators (CECE) has developed a set of diversity and culture practice guidelines that highlight expectations and helpful recommendations. It's also a useful tool for CNC staff across the country to use as an opportunity for self-reflection and professional learning!

WEBINAR: The Healing Power of Play and Optimism

Optimism is powerful. When human beings strengthen their ability to see and focus on the goodness and value in themselves, others, and the world around them, their social, emotional and cognitive superpowers emerge. Optimism, however, is fragile. Chronic stress, fear and overwhelming adversity can weaken and destroy our capacity for optimism. This inspiring webinar helps Early Childhood Professionals discover the power of optimism to create safe, loving, joyful, and engaging environments where kids can heal, grow and thrive. Using research, humor and personal stories, it shares how practicing optimism can bring out the best in ourselves, our colleagues and our children.

2023 CNC Conference Session Recordings

Let’s keep the learning going… and growing! We have started to post session recordings on the CMAS website in the Learning Centre. Here’s a list of the conference session recordings that are now available for everyone!

Congratulations to our Wintergreen prize winner!

Congratulations to Maria Sol Pajadura from Parkdale Intercultural Association. Maria has won our 2023 CNC Virtual Conference prize giveaway!  Special thanks to Wintergreen for their generous donation.

39 Fun Ways for Families to Play Outside This Spring

The sun is getting warmer, birds are singing, and my children are shedding their winter gear all over our backyard. Spring is in the air! After the long sleep of winter, nature is filled with a flutter of activity and new energy. Trees are exploding with blooms, insects are buzzing, and critters are busy building nests. The kids are full of energy too! Thankfully, spring offers many simple, easy, and fun outdoor activities for children to get their wiggles out. On that note, here are 39 free and easy activities you can share with parents to get them outside with the kids this spring.

NEW! LET’S PLAY: Math Activity Ideas

Do you have a child in your program who is interested in math and counting? A team of CNC staff put their heads together and came up with over 100 math and counting activity ideas for CNC… and now you can find them here! Special thanks to the CNC team that worked on the new content.

35 Earth Day Activities For Kids

Are you wondering what things you can do for Earth Day with your the children in your program? Earth Day is a great time to introduce concepts such as recycling, pollution, planting, composting, and recycling. These simple hands-on Earth Day activities below will help you get started.

Canada’s New Toll-Free 1-844 POISON-X Number for Poison Centres

Health Canada, in collaboration with poison centres servicing most provinces and territories, is implementing Canada’s toll-free number, 1-844 POISON-X (or 1-844-764-7669), to facilitate access to poison centre services. Poisoning is a major cause of illness and death in Canada and internationally. In 2020, Canada’s poison centres managed 215,589 cases, of which more than one-third involved a child aged 5 or under. Be sure to share this new number with parents and colleagues so they know who to call in a poison emergency!