Fire Safety At Home – Multilingual Resource for Parents

Help the families in your program stay safe with these basic fire safety tip sheets that are available in Arabic, Bosnian, Somali and Spanish.

Resources for Teachers Working with Students from Immigrant Families

Did you know that the Canadian Multicultural Education Foundation and the Alberta Teachers’ Association have a series of resources for teachers working with immigrant students and families? Their current information sheets and handbooks on working with Somali-Canadian and South Sudanese-Canadian students provide regional information about culture and community, school traditions, links to resources and more.

Multicultural Principles for Early Childhood Leaders

This Head Start resource is divided into 10 chapters, with each chapter presenting one multicultural principle, the research and guidance to support that principle, and questions and/or discussion activities. You can download the individual chapters, or the entire resource here to use for professional learning activities, or for personal professional development here.

Slime Sensory Activity Idea: Video

Sticky, gooey, sensory fun. And it's a safe alternative to borax based slime! Watch this quick video for a recipe you can easily make with the children in your program.

CNC in Action: Creating Community

The Unemployed Help Centre of Windsor is a community hub, offering a number of services to both immigrants and the community at large. These services allow the centre to work together as a team to bring healthy meals to families with children registered in the CNC program.

There’s a New Section for Parents on the CMAS Website!

Raising a child is hard work–especially in a new country with different customs, practices, influences, and expectations. In the new "Parents" section of the CMAS website, you will find information, tools and multilingual resources on topics like health and safety, parenting and more. You can direct parents to the site, or take a look and see if there are any resources here to support your work with immigrant and refugee parents.

Refugee children have written a book of fairy tales!

Travelling Tales is a beautifully illustrated collection of fairy tales written by Syrian and Kurdish refugee children in Greece. The collection includes a story about chickens fighting an alien invasion and seven other stories. Proceeds from the sale of this captivating collection will go towards alternative housing solutions for refugee families in Greece.

Developing Young Children’s Self-Regulation through Everyday Experiences

Self-regulation refers to several complicated processes that allow children to appropriately respond to their environment. Learn more about self-regulation, and ideas for supporting the newcomer children in your program in this NAEYC article.

When Children’s Behaviour is Challenging: Online Tutorial Now Available with Facilitator Guide

Sometimes a child’s behaviour challenges us and forces us to step outside our usual comfort zone. Find out what to do when children’s behaviour is challenging you, common mistakes to avoid, and 7 steps to take when behaviour is challenging in your program. We’ve also developed a Facilitator guide that includes 10 Questions for Group Discussion and Personal Reflection to use with your team, extend your learning and help you identify concrete strategies that you can use in your program. Let’s get started!

International Day of Peace

This year the International Day of Peace focuses on engaging and mobilizing people throughout the world to show support for refugees and migrants. You can get involved, and learn more through the TOGETHER initiative. The TOGETHER website promotes respect, safety and dignity for refugees and migrants and has two new animated videos sharing the powerful stories of two young refugees.