Anaphylaxis Training Saves Lives!

Today marks the 8th anniversary of Sabrina Shannon’s death from an anaphylactic reaction, but her name lives on in Sabrina’s Law —the precedent-setting anaphylaxis legislation in Ontario that is otherwise known as Bill 3: An Act to Protect Anaphylactic Pupils.

Sabrina has become the face for an otherwise anonymous condition that so many of us still don’t understand. She was a well-adjusted child with anaphylaxis. Despite all of the precautions taken by Sabrina and her family, she still managed to consume trace amounts of a dairy protein in her school cafeteria. It was determined that tongs used to serve the fries Sabrina ate were also used to serve poutine, allowing cross-contamination with the fatal dairy protein. But while a dairy protein was the medical cause of Sabrina’s death, a lack of education was the actual cause.

CMAS can help you to do your part by ensuring that all LINC Caregivers have the education needed to prevent an anaphylactic reaction, or to handle one should it occur. If you have not received CMAS Anaphylaxis Training, please contact Brian Robertson immediately at 416.395.5027.

Listen to Sabrina Shannon’s 2001 Broadcast

In 2001, two years before she died of an anaphylactic reaction, Sabrina Shannon produced her own radio documentary for CBC Radio called “A Nutty Tale.” In the 12-minute program Sabrina interviewed her friends and family about her allergies. Listen to Sabrina’s documentary
for a funny and informative look through the eyes of a very lively 10 year old.