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Webinar: How to Support Infant and Toddler Development Through Quality Lesson Plans

In this webinar, participants explore the art and science of crafting effective lesson plans tailored to the unique needs of infants and toddlers. They also have an opportunity to discuss the importance of aligning lesson plans with developmentally appropriate expectations and how to offer hands-on learning at every stage of development.

Newcomer Kids Face Chronic Health Risks. Here’s How You Can Help.

Studies show that newcomer children in Canada are developing chronic adult health conditions as a result of the high cost of healthy food and access to physical activities. So it's important for us to share ideas and resources to help families stay physically active and eat healthy! also has quick, 1-minute videos and tips on everyday food choices and raising healthy kids that are perfect for sharing with parents!

How to Support Children During Conflict and Crisis Situations

Do you have any families that are struggling through a crisis or traumatic experience? When we find ourselves faced with the unthinkable, having the right words to say to children can feel like an impossibility. Here is some advice for parents who are navigating difficult times, from child psychology and mental health expert Dr. Marcia Brophy.

Emergency Preparedness: Resources for Programs and Families with Children

Sesame Workshop has plenty of resources to help programs and families be prepared and reassure children in emergency situations - including videos, family guides, videos and articles like Five Ways to Get Emergency Ready, Emergency Preparation for Child Care Providers, … and they're all available in both English and Spanish!

New 3-part webinar series: Understanding and Guiding Children’s Behaviour

Behaviour is one of the many ways that children communicate with us, so it’s important for us to be able to recognize and strive to understand children’s behaviour in our programs. Participants in this webinar series will be encouraged to think about behaviour differently while gaining deeper understanding and strategies for their programs.

Module 1–Understanding & Guiding Children's Behaviour: Perspectives

Module 2–Understanding & Guiding Children's Behaviour: Cultural Considerations

Module 3–Understanding & Guiding Children's Behaviour: Environmental Considerations

WEBINAR: An Introduction to ‘Welcome Sesame’

Follow along for an introduction to resources designed to support families experiencing displacement or resettlement as a result of crisis. In this webinar, Sesame Workshop’s Shanna Kohn and Tara Wright introduce caregivers and providers to resources designed to support children and families experiencing displacement and/or resettlement after crisis. 

30 Engaging Baby Activities for Cognitive & Physical Development

A baby’s brain is growing and forming new connections every day. And everything you do—from talking and reading to singing and dancing—is helping that process. Even if baby's movements seem random and uncoordinated, important development is taking place, and they're gradually building their strength, coordination, and neural connections. That’s why it’s important to give babies lots of time to explore freely through a variety of movements. Here are some ideas to help get you started.

A Very Angry Preschool Song… Will it Work for Multiple Languages?

"This is an Angry Song” is a popular early years song in England that is a simple way to enable a child to express their anger with words and actions, and help other children understand the feelings a friend is experiencing. When we're working with multilingual groups of children, it's important to consider: Are the expressions and actions meaningful within the children's cultural context? Do they actually understand the words? Here are some tips for adapting songs like this for your CNC group.


Play dough play provides children with lots of great opportunities to use their imagination and strengthen their fine motor skills. It can also provide hours of fun while children develop problem-solving, language and social skills! A team of CNC staff put their heads together and came up with over 125 play dough activity ideas for CNC… and now you can find them here!  Special thanks to the CNC team that worked on the new content.

Are you new to CNC? Looking for information and resources?

If you’re new to CNC and looking for information and resources, here’s a list of resources to help get you started and set you up for success!