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Building Emotional Literacy: Video

Children have so many emotions. Have you ever tried using a mood metre or starting the day with a moment of silence? In this video, we're reminded of how important it is to help children learn awareness and strategies for calming down.

Creative Expression Activities to Try

Creative experiences can help develop meaningful connections in young developing minds as children move, touch, manipulate different materials and experiment. Here is a list of creative expression activities for preschoolers are an ideal way to develop imagination, expand curiousity and provide opportunities for self-expression!

Lessons from early years research: Video Series

To support educators working in early years settings in their continuous professional learning, the Ontario Ministry of Education worked with leading experts in the early childhood field to develop a series of thought-provoking videos and resources on topics like: Documentation, Inclusion, Self-Regulation and Parent Engagement.

Heavily Decorated Classrooms Disrupt Attention and Learning In Young Children

This research shows that children in classrooms with too much visual stimulation were more distracted, spent more time off-task and demonstrated smaller learning gains than when the decorations were removed. Read more...

50+ Creative and Fun Ideas for Play with Babies

Here is a compilation of fun art and sensory activities for babies 6 months and up. Many of these activities would be fun even through the toddler years and beyond! You'll find lots of baby art and baby sensory play ideas to keep your baby entertained.

5 Toddler Transition Tips

Here's a list of five creative transition activities designed to help make it easier for you to move toddlers from one task/activity to the next!

Best Practices for Guiding Children’s Behaviour

Healthy Child Manitoba has developed a guide is for early learning and child care staff and family child care providers. It provides effective ways to guide behaviours and enhance the social and emotional well-being of all children in your care. The strategies described are research-based and can help all children, not just those experiencing difficulties!

6 Quiet Toddler Time Activities

If you have toddlers that have stopped taking afternoon naps, this doesn’t mean you have to replace this once-quiet time with a noisy or intensive activity. Here are 6 quiet, calm activity ideas that can help little ones wind down while other children nap.

Slime Sensory Activity Idea: Video

Sticky, gooey, sensory fun. And it's a safe alternative to borax based slime! Watch this quick video for a recipe you can easily make with the children in your program.

Developing Young Children’s Self-Regulation through Everyday Experiences

Self-regulation refers to several complicated processes that allow children to appropriately respond to their environment. Learn more about self-regulation, and ideas for supporting the newcomer children in your program in this NAEYC article.