Programs and Activities Expert Corner

Choosing Books for Young Children – Alka Burman

Children often learn about the world and their place in it through books. Books can be an important way for children to share their feelings, concerns and emotions; to learn new concepts or reinforce concepts they already know; and to expand their horizons and have new experiences. Alka Burman, Early Literacy Specialist, shares some tips on how to choose books for young readers.Read More

Print All Around Us – Alka Burman

A print rich environment is one in which children interact with many forms of print including signs, labelled centres, wall stories, word displays, labelled murals, bulletin boards, charts, poems and other materials. With adult support, children gain literacy skills by interacting with print in their surroundings. Alka Burman, Early Literacy Specialist, offers strategies to encourage children's involvement with print.Read More

Constructive Play in Early Learning Environments – Alka Burman

Constructive play is an organized form of play that is, in many ways, goal oriented and thoughtful. Children who are engaged in constructive play use materials to create something, and this increases in complexity as they get older. Alka Burman, Early Literacy Specialist, discusses these concepts.Read More

Creating a Language-rich Environment – Julie Dotsch

As educators prepare their programs, they need to constantly be thinking of how to enhance the children’s language. One way to do this is to incorporate the home languages into the setting. Julie Dotsch, an ECE Diversity consultant for One World, discusses how to set up a language-rich environment. Read More

Welcoming Newcomer Children with Judith Colbert

Judith A. Colbert, PhD is an experienced writer, researcher and training specialist. She is the principle author of both the National LINC Childminding Requirements and Occasional Child Care Requirements. As an early care and education consultant with an international perspective, her goal is to build bridges between research and practice, mainstream and newcomer experiences. Read More

Special Needs Quick Tip Videos

Do you care for newcomer children with special needs? Do you ever wonder how you can better support them? Read More

Integrating Newcomer Children: A Compassionate Approach with Julie Dotsch

Anyone who participated in the “Culture Shock in Preschool Children” workshop at last year’s Ontario Professional Development Conference for LINC Caregivers could see that Julie Dotsch is a true visionary in the Caring for Newcomer Children field. Read More

Building a Permanent Collection – Ann Hutchings

Ann Hutchings has developed a presentation on Building a Permanent Collection, to showcase the flexible and collaborative environment that her team of caregivers at Graybridge Malkam has created to adapt to the diverse and changing needs of the children in their care. Read more