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Choosing Toys and Equipment for Mobile Care

When offering mobile care for newcomer children, the locations, caregivers and children change often, making for many variables to consider when selecting toys and equipment. For example, the children in attendance will come from diverse backgrounds and communities and will be of varying ages. Accordingly, there will be a wide array of interests and preferences to consider. This resource available in English and French offers tips for selecting toys and equipment, as well as suggestions for where to purchase quality toys and equipment.

Welcoming Newcomer Children with Judith Colbert

Judith A. Colbert, PhD is an experienced writer, researcher and training specialist. She is the principle author of both the National LINC Childminding Requirements and Occasional Child Care Requirements. As an early care and education consultant with an international perspective, her goal is to build bridges between research and practice, mainstream and newcomer experiences. Read More

Special Needs Quick Tip Videos

Do you care for newcomer children with special needs? Do you ever wonder how you can better support them? Read More

Integrating Newcomer Children: A Compassionate Approach with Julie Dotsch

Anyone who participated in the “Culture Shock in Preschool Children” workshop at last year’s Ontario Professional Development Conference for LINC Caregivers could see that Julie Dotsch is a true visionary in the Caring for Newcomer Children field. Read More

Program Planning Sheets

Building a Permanent Collection – Ann Hutchings

Ann Hutchings has developed a presentation on Building a Permanent Collection, to showcase the flexible and collaborative environment that her team of caregivers at Graybridge Malkam has created to adapt to the diverse and changing needs of the children in their care. Read more

Creating a Positive Play Environment for Infants

There are many things to consider when planning a successful program for newcomer infants. One important aspect is creating the right environment This resource has strategies on how to create an environment that is welcoming and inviting, so both children and families feel more comfortable.

Creating Language-Rich Environments For Infants

Speech is one of the most important and complex skills a child will learn. It seems to happen naturally but, in fact, as a caregiver, you have a very important role to play. The more you talk to an infant, the more you facilitate their language development—in both their home language and in any new language! This tip sheet is available in English and French.