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Spanking: Discipline or Abuse? – Pearl Rimer

Canadian research tells us that approximately 75% of physical abuse investigations are related to a child being punished inappropriately. Often in these cases, the punishment, which was not intended to injure the child, has gone too far. Although cultural factors may play a role in how children are disciplined, injuring a child is unacceptable. Physical punishment clearly exposes children to risks, and doesn’t it make sense to reduce risks whenever possible? Pearl Rimer, Manager of Research & Training at Boost Child Abuse Prevention & Intervention, discusses physical punishment and its effects. This resource is available in English and French.

October is Child Abuse Prevention Month

What will you do to stop child abuse? “When you feel badly about reporting a parent, you are preventing an opportunity for the Children’s Aid Society to help and support this family. Children’s Aid is always seen as negative and they will take away your children. It’s just not true.”Pearl Rimer, BOOST Read More