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How to select toys for short term or mobile children’s programs: Quick Tip Tutorial

You may not know the number of children, their ages and needs until they arrive. And staff may have to bring toys to different locations, so they need to be easy to transport and store! How can you plan for so many variables? This quick-tip tutorial will help you plan for uncertainties and select the toys you need for a mobile or short term program. In it, you'll find 7 key factors to consider, a printable list of toy suggestions, and ideas for developing your own mobile kits.

Quick Tip Video – Using Emotional Check-ins

In this 2-minute video, learn how and why to use emotional check-ins in your program!

Welcome to Canada video is available in Arabic!

Did you know that the Welcome to Canada video, Your First Two Weeks in Canada, is available in Arabic. The video is intended to help newcomers prepare for their life in Canada and explain some of the initial steps that they should take upon arrival.

Quick Tip Video – How to Make Transitions Fun

This 2-minute video will show you how you can use attention getting games to make transition times fun for the children in your program!

Video Snapshots: How to Support a Young Dual Language Learner at the Beginning of the Year?

These video snapshots are a great training tool! They not only document the early stages and strategies of preschool second language acquisition, but also reflect current research. It is a rare look at the first stages that are so vital to the teacher-child connection.

The Linguistic Genius of Babies

Have you heard the astonishing findings about how babies learn one language over another? Watch these clever lab experiments that show how 6-month-old babies listen and use sophisticated reasoning to understand their world.

The Young Dual Language Learner Video Series: A Peek into Quality Early Childhood Programs for DLLs

Teaching At The Beginning has recently released a series of 20 short videos to support educators of young DLLs. The videos can be used as tools for observation, study and professional development, and are separated into three helpful categories: Teaching Strategies, The First and Second Languages of Young Children, and Parents, Family and Community Engagement.

Video: How to Develop Literacy Skills With Dual Language Learners

Find ideas for helping young dual language learners with their expressive and receptive language skills through reading, writing, and speaking in this helpful video.

Academic Earth

Academic Earth offers free online lectures and courses for Early Childhood Education

Affiliated Services for Children and Youth

Affiliated Services for Children and Youth offers professional learning opportunities to early years and child care practitioners and other professionals working with children.