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The Importance of Early Identification for Newcomer Children with Special Needs: Helping you Manage CNC Webinar

In this webinar, presented by Macaulay Child Development Centre, CNC Administrators will have the opportunity to learn about why early identification and support for newcomer children with special needs is so important, and discuss strategies for how SPOs can help better children with special needs and their families. Watch the webinar recording or download the ppt here now!

Tutorial: 5 Guiding Principles for the Care of Newcomer Children

Working with young newcomers is challenging and important work. Not only can the children be vulnerable because of the stress they often experience while adapting to a new language and culture, but they can also be feeling the effects of the stress being experienced by their parents as the entire family adjusts to life in a new country! The guiding principles outlined in the 30-minute long 5 Guiding Principles for the Care of Newcomer Children tutorial provide a framework of program expectations and set the stage for flexible early childhood programs that are sensitive, responsive and inclusive.

Cultural Competence E-Learning Modules Series

Sick Kids Hospital has a series of 15 open-access multimedia and interactive e-learning modules on cultural competence with topics like "Parenting Across Cultures," and "Cross Cultural Communication."  Read more...

Science of Early Child Development

Science of Early Child Development