LINC Conference

No conference this year

Each year, the conference was a wonderful opportunity for caregivers to fully immerse themselves in caring for newcomer children through networking and professional development. Unfortunately, this year the LINC Childminding Conference is not being offered. With the TESL Conference coming up, some of you may still have a need for CNC Staff professional development ideas and support. For resources that can help you set up a training for your CNC Staff, visit the Learning Centre on the CMAS website for online workshops, training videos and links. Watch for additional ideas and supports to help you plan for PD early in October.

Celebrating “Care for Newcomer Children” (CNC)

Join us at this year’s conference featuring dynamic guest speakers and interactive workshops. Gain insights and practical ideas for you and your program! With a focus on managing change, multicultural activity ideas and CNC orientation, this year’s conference will provide resources and information to share with administrators and colleagues. Read More

1 in 100: Bringing Epilepsy Out of the Shadows

Epilepsy is the second most common neurological disorder, but many people don't know how to react to seizures or administer first aid. Caregivers play a central role in the safety, acceptance and self-development of the child who has seizures in the classroom. In this workshop, Jodi Maruncic and Leah Sultan-Khan, from Epilepsy Toronto explain about cultural myths and misconceptions, seizure types and their effects on the brain, how seizures affect children at different stages of development, and how to respond efficiently and effectively.

Terrific Toddlers

The third of four workshops from the 2011 Professional Development Conference for LINC Childminders. This workshop designed for caregivers working with children ages 18-36 months, this workshop will provide an overview of the developmental, social and emotional characteristics of this age group. Amy McKague from kidsLINK also presents the use of Authentic Choices as a strategy to support toddlers' growth and development, with an emphasis on nurturing their sense of autonomy and independence.

Meeting the Distinctive Needs of Newcomer Children in Childminding Settings

Here is the second of four workshops from the 2011 Professional Development Conference for LINC Childminders. Judith A. Colbert, PhD. supports caregivers by exploring the distinctive needs of young newcomer children. She raises issues associated with identifying and meeting the needs of young newcomers, distinguishing between needs that require a better understanding of culture and settlement issues, and needs arising from disabilities or conditions that call for specialized intervention.

Thank You

Thank you to all who attended the 10th Annual Childminding Conference “Wellness for All”. We had great attendance and workshops were diverse and full of great ideas. Be sure to take those ideas back to your colleagues, put them into action, and create gemstone moments in your own program! Although the conference has ended, the learning continues with online video versions of select workshops becoming available early in 2012.

10 Ways to Analyze Children’s Books for Sexism and Racism

Here 's the hand out from Valerie Rhomberg's "Settings and Cultures in Children's Books" workshop at the LINC Childminding Conference.  It provides you with guidelines for evaluating children’s books and helping children detect racism and sexism in the books they read.

“Wellness for All: Supporting Newcomer Families”

“Wellness for All: Supporting Newcomer Families” 10th Annual Ontario Region Professional Development Conference for LINC Childminders Register today! Read more

10th Ontario Professional Development Conference for LINC Childminders

Mark your calendar! October 27-28 is the 10th Ontario Professional Development Conference for LINC Childminders. This year’s focus of Wellness for All is sure to leave you with renewed energy and inspiration!