Helping You Meet the Requirements

New and Improved Multilingual Parent Resource: All About Care for Newcomer Children (CNC)

A new and improved version of one of our most popular resources, is now available in 21 languages and ready for use in all provinces. All About CNC will help parents understand, what they can expect from CNC, important things to remember - like staying on-site, and information they need to share with CNC staff. It also has a section on the bottom, where you can personalize the document to communicate information that is specific to your SPO/CNC program.

Helping You Meet the Requirements: Supporting Dual Language Learning

As an adult, you understand how speaking multiple languages can be an asset—both in the work force and in everyday life. That’s why it is so important for immigrant children to keep their mother tongues…and for you to integrate their languages, where possible, into your program. Read more

Helping You Meet the Requirements: Supporting Newcomer Children With Special Needs

It is important to meet the needs of all children, but early intervention is particularly critical for a child with special needs. This article will explain how you can support these families…and meet CNC requirements.

Helping You Meet the Requirements: Supporting Parents

When parents come to you for information and assistance, the support you provide helps families adapt to life here in Canada. This special feature will help you meet new requirements that specifically require all CNC programs to provide information on the topics of immunization, allergies/nutrition, settlement and community resources.

Helping You Meet the Requirements: Serious Occurrences

According to the new CNC requirements, in addition to reporting a serious occurrence to IRCC, you now must also inform CMAS. Find out how you can meet the requirement. Read More

Helping You Meet the Requirements: Professional Development

More than the chance to improve or learn new skills, annual Professional Development (PD for short) also happens to be a CNC requirement: all paid full-time CNC staff complete at least five (5) hours of training on topics related to their staff duties. Find out how you can meet the requirement. Read More

Helping You Meet the Requirements: Consulting with Local Public Health and Health Professionals

In the CNCR, there are references to consulting local public health offices to meet various health and safety related requirements. And then there are others that specify input from health professionals. So, when and how do you contact each of these sources…and what exactly is the difference between the two? It’s actually much simpler than it sounds. Read More