Helping You Meet the Requirements: Professional Development

Staff training is key to program quality and risk reduction. Research shows, that well trained staff provide a better quality program for children.

More than the chance to improve or learn new skills, annual Professional Development (PD for short) also happens to be a CNC requirement: all paid full-time CNC staff complete at least five (5) hours of training on topics related to their staff duties.

How to find professional development
The really great thing about PD for CNC Staff is the choice available: both where and when to learn it. There is an option to fit every schedule and budget.

Individual or group in-house training on topics relevant to your facility can be organized, whether to address knowledge gaps, changing demographics…or to refresh skills and learn new ones. Staff can also be actively encouraged to participate in external conferences, seminars and workshops, and even take college or university courses or programs, in person or online.

If time and money are a factor, online webinars and training from recognized organizations are other less formal, but very effective, options for PD. There are a number of community, national, and even international associations that offer training through their websites. Some offer self-paced courses that staff can take at their convenience, while others hold webinars at specific times. At the end of this article, we have compiled a list of some inexpensive or free professional development resources, as well as links to online training developed by CMAS, that may help you meet the CNC requirement.

What you can learn
The CNC requirement refers to “topics related to their staff duties”. As this phrase may be interpreted differently from program to program, CNC staff should consult with administrators when seeking PD to meet the requirement. This also gives management the chance to balance the training needs of the individual caregivers with the needs of the program as a whole. And, it’s a good opportunity to take career planning and progression into account.

The following are some ideas for professional development within each topic area named in the requirement.

Special issues related to the settlement of young children and families

Childcare professionals can choose from a wide range of training to improve skills that directly relate to the unique needs and the settlement of immigrant children and families, including courses on:
• Culture, diversity and inclusion
• Welcoming and working with newcomer families
• Separation anxiety and culture shock
• Language learning and home language maintenance
• Nutrition

Role of the CNC professional
There is also training that deals more generally with working in a CNC setting, with subject matter that includes:
• Child development
• Special needs
• Health and safety
• Programs and activities
• Child abuse

Program administration and leadership
Training can encompass both practical knowledge and “soft skills”, such as:
• Staffing and Human Resources
• Setting up a child care space
• Programming
• Leadership
• Effective communications
• Team building

Still need help?

If, after reviewing this information, you are still in doubt about this requirement, your CMAS consultant can always help!

Resources – Professional Development for Caregivers

CMAS Online Training
• Anaphylaxis Readiness Course
• Child Abuse Prevention and Intervention
• Language Rich Environments
• Responsive Curriculum in your Child Centred Program
• Separation Anxiety and Culture Shock
• Working with Newcomer Families

Other Professional Development Resources

Organization: Exchange
Topic(s): Administration; Child Development; Curriculum; Environments; Leadership; Parents
Format: Downloadable resources; Training Kits; Videos
Cost: Low cost

Organization: Child Care Lounge
Topic(s): Various
Format: Online
Cost: Low cost

Organization: Early Childhood Investigations
Topic(s): Various
Format: Online
Cost: Free

Child Care Aware of America
Topic(s): Various
Format: Online
Cost: Low cost/Free

Let’s Move! Child Care
Topic(s): Health and Nutrition
Format: Online
Cost: Free

Topic(s): Administrative–Health and Safety
Format: Online
Cost: Free
Topic/Link: Administrative–Health and Safety Compliance
Topic/Link: Child Development–Learn about children’s development, the role of families and how children can be protected

Organization: Open University
Format: Online
Cost: Free
Topic/Link: Settlement– World Class Films: Education around the planet
Topic/Link:Settlement/Child Development–Working with children and families
Topic/Link: Health and Safety–Understanding early years environments and children’s spaces

Organization: Goodwill Community Foundation
Format: Online
Cost: Free
Topic/Link: Administration–Learning software for administrative skills

Organization: City of Toronto
Format: Online
Cost: 30 to 60 $
Topic/Link: Programming–Arts and Crafts – Adults