CMAS Tutorial: Play Across Cultures

Children from different cultures engage in play differently. And this makes sense because there are differences in language, context, and social norms in different cultures – and these are all reflected in children’s play!

In the Play Across Cultures tutorial, participants will have the chance to reflect on how play is different across cultures, and how we can encourage and foster all kinds of play variations in our CNC programs.

Did you know that all our tutorials include a facilitator guide?

At the end of the tutorial, you’ll also find resources and a facilitator guide that includes an extensive list of questions to spark group discussion and personal reflection. Many of the themes that you’ll find in the Play Across Culture tutorial and facilitator guide are really important for us to understand and keep in mind when working in CNC. We encourage all programs to keep the important conversations going – and try facilitating your own team training! 

Just in time to use for team training during TESOL conference for Ontario programs!

Team training based on the Play Across Cultures tutorial, Facilitator Guide, and Questions for Personal Reflection/Group Discussion will create an opportunity for your team to:

  • collaborate and learn together
  • discuss issues that are specific to your site
  • share ideas, expertise and challenges
  • build supportive team relationships, and 
  • Improve your programming for newcomer children.