CMAS Tutorial: Creativity and the Educator

When you think about the word “creativity” what comes to mind for you?

For many of us, we automatically think about a painting, drama or storytelling, or maybe a song and dance. But creative expression isn’t about the product or end result… it’s all about the creative process and journey. Whenever we use and develop our imaginations, originality, and problem-solving skills during everyday life – that’s creativity!

In this tutorial, we’ll talk about why creativity is so important in the early years. We’ll also try to get everyone thinking outside the box a little bit, by talking about creativity… and how it isn’t just about art! Then we’ll share some ideas and inspiration for encouraging and fostering creativity in our programs!

At the end of the tutorial, you’ll also find resources, references, a facilitator guide and added group discussion questions so that you can easily facilitate your own team training.  

Team training based on the Creativity and the Educator tutorial, Facilitator Guide and Questions for Personal Reflection/Group Discussion will create an opportunity for your team to:

  • collaborate and learn together
  • discuss issues that are specific to your site
  • share ideas, expertise and challenges
  • build supportive team relationships, and 
  • solve-problems

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