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Vicarious Trauma: When Compassion Overwhelms

Managers and organizations play a critical role in preventing and responding to vicarious trauma and burnout.

Vicarious trauma, or compassion fatigue, results from witnessing or responding to the pain and suffering of people who we come into contact with. As a result, our ability to help becomes compromised and the helper is in danger of experiencing a trauma response.

In this webinar recording for CNC administrators and SDRs, Greg Lubimiv, author of When Compassion Hurts: Burnout, Vicarious Trauma and Secondary Trauma in Prenatal and Early Childhood Service Providers describes:
  • what vicarious trauma is and how it is different from burnout
  • risk factors and how to identify signs and symptoms of vicarious trauma
  • preventive measures organizations and managers can take to provide a protective and supportive environment for their staff.

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Vicarious Trauma: When Compassion Overwhelms from CMAS Canada on Vimeo.