Creating a Multicultural Environment

Presented by: CMAS

Length of Workshop: 2 Hours

Children are more likely to be successful when they have strong cultural roots.  However, these can be difficult to maintain when moving to a new country with unfamiliar customs, traditions, food and even clothing. Which is why multiculturalism in your program should amount to more than just celebrating holidays. But where do you begin?

This CMAS workshop explores the importance of culture and multiculturalism in our day-to-day work with newcomer children and families. It features hands-on activities, like how to connect with parents regarding their cultural and child-rearing methods.  You will then practice incorporating this information into child centered programming that meets the needs of the individual child…and of the group.

From how to set up an environment for newcomer children that embraces different cultures to creative ideas for planning multicultural activities all year round, you will gain knowledge and skills to encourage inclusiveness and better support the families in your program.

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