CMAS Update – April 2012

As we enter into the new contract year, CMAS is available to offer ongoing services that support your organization in providing safe, quality care for newcomer children.



The following CMAS Supports are available for your program:

  • On-site support visits
  • Orientations for LINC Coordinators and Lead Caregivers
  • OCC Orientations
  • Special Needs Support
  • OCC Mobile Kits
  • School Age Support and Resources
  • School Age Kit (Toys and Equipment)
  • TOP funding for Individual and Group Training reimbursement
  • Online Anaphylaxis Readiness Course (English and French)
  • Child Abuse, Anaphylaxis and Inclusion workshops in the community Support documents and up-to-date information and resources are also always available online at

Coming Soon…

You’ll have access to e-courses and conference video topics like Child Abuse, Terrific Toddlers, Responsive Curriculum, and Mentoring Pairs for Child Care.

You can expect your CMAS consultant to contact you shortly to speak to you about your organizational needs and to schedule your assessment. We are pleased to assist you in any way we can. If you have any questions or require further assistance, please contact us.