Sharing expertise in newcomer childcare and support settlement.

CMAS is Canada's leading organization that focuses on caring for newcomer children.

We take a great deal of pride in sharing our expertise with immigrant serving organizations and other organizations in the child care field.

We identify gaps in service and work to create solutions; establish and measure the standards of care; and support services for newcomer families through resources, training and consultations.

If you are looking for resources on caring for newcomer children, please visit our CNC site.

From In Class to Online Preschool: Our Virtual Journey

Like many other programs across the country, the LINC preschool team at ISS of BC in Vancouver found themselves re-imagining their roles and having to figure out how to continue supporting newcomer families with young children during the pandemic. In this online course, the team will be taking participants through their journey from in-person preschool to online programming. Participants will have the opportunity to connect with others, learn, share and talk about how we are all continually re-imagining our work as Early Childhood Educators. The cost of this 4-hour, certificate course is $65.

New special needs tutorial series: How to Write an IPP

Have you ever wondered about how an Individual Program Plan (IPP) works? Do you know how to write long- and short-term goals? The first tutorial in the two-part special needs series provides a step-by-step guide to writing an IPP, and an opportunity for CNC staff to learn about the different parts of an IPP, why they’re important, and how they work together to support a child. The second tutorial provides a step-by-step guide to writing an IPP – including long- and short-term goals that really support their programming and provide a clear direction for helping a child and family! Resources, references, a facilitator guide, and group discussion questions are also available for each tutorial in the learning centre.

WEBINAR: Unpacking the Pyramid Model – A Practical Guide to Social Emotional Learning

In this powerful webinar, experts share their insights about the important relationship between social emotional skills and cognitive development. The session focuses on the Pyramid Model as a framework for promoting social emotional competence and preventing challenging behavior. Participants will also learn strategies and targeted intervention for children who need additional support in the development of self-regulation, friendship skills, emotional literacy, and problem-solving.

CNC in Action: How one CNC program uses technology to connect with parents

Dropping off and picking children up from childcare is generally chaotic. There isn't much time for staff and parents to talk, let alone share in-depth information about a child's day. For many newcomers, this is the first time they're leaving their children alone with someone who isn't part of their extended family. They're adjusting to new language, new people, new culture. And now they're leaving their children with strangers. CNC staff spend a lot of time initially building a relationship with parents, but it can be challenging to find ways to connect and share information. The CNC team at North York Community House (NYCH) wanted to encourage parents to ask questions, share information, involve and provide them with useful developmental and relevant parenting information - so they went looking for solutions!     

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