Programs and Activities Quick Tip Sheets

A New Way to Look at Inclusion

Inclusion means giving children with special needs the same opportunities to learn, to enjoy and to participate in a child care program as other children have. All children benefit from inclusion. Exposure to children with diverse skills and abilities at a young age provides a foundation for a lifetime of understanding and respecting differences. Over the years, the ways we think about inclusion have evolved and, as a result, children with special needs are now getting better support and entire communities are benefitting. Read more

Working with Multi-age Groups

Offering care for multi-age groups can present challenges for staff as they work to create a program that is appropriate for all age groups and developmental levels. Read more

Selecting Space for Mobile Care

Mobile Care is a valuable service for the families in your community. By offering child care in conjunction with settlement services in a variety of neighbourhoods; more newcomer families can benefit from your programs and be supported in their transition to Canadian society.Read More

Choosing Toys and Equipment for Mobile Care

Offering Mobile Care allows you to reach out to newcomer families in the community and provide child care while the parents participate and attend your settlement services. In offering this service you can reach a larger number of newcomer families and assist in their successful transitions to life in Canada. Read More

Infant Care in LINC Childminding Programs

Planning Activities

With the right activities and planning, school age programs can offer newcomer children the experience of a lifetime. As you know, newcomer children have been through many changes and challenges in their young lives, and your program can help them create new and lasting memories. Read more

Physical Development in Infants

Infants learn to crawl, cruise and walk in their own time. This cannot be taught, but it can be encouraged. Read more

Encouraging Positive Behaviours; The importance of routines and rules

Operating a school age program brings with it many varied responsibilities, one of which is to operate a safe program. Routines and rules help to reduce risks for both children and staff. Read more

Creating a Positive Play Environment for Infants

There many considerations to planning a successful program for newcomer infants. One important aspect of the planning is to create the right environment. This is a key aspect of having your infant care program stand out as a positive experience for both the infant and the family. Read more

Modifying Space and Equipment for Success

Making the transition into child care can be a stressful experience for any child, but for a child with special needs, and particularly for the newcomer children in your programs, the experience can be intimidating. Some children may have never seen such an array of materials and equipment so may find it overwhelming. Read more