Child Development

Guiding Your Child’s Behaviour

When children are anxious, it often results in difficult behaviour. No matter how your child behaves, it’s important to be consistent, but also understanding, patient and loving. This resource is available in multiple languages for download.

Creating Routines for Your Child

Repeated tasks make a routine that can help your child to feel relaxed and secure. This resource is available in multiple languages for download.

10 Tips for Stopping Aggression

The ten tips in this sheet can help you to respond calmly and consistently to aggressive behaviour. This resource is available in multiple languages for download.

Children Learn Through Play

When children play, they’re learning with their bodies by touching, seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and moving. Every day, there’s something new to discover. Play also helps them to build social skills, language skills and more! This resource is available in multiple languages for download.

Make Bedtime Better: The Sleep Guide for Parents

Many families struggle with bedtime routines and helping children develop healthy sleeping patterns. This guide is full of information about all things related to children's sleep. The topics have been broken down into useful sections to make it easy to find the information and you're looking for.

Growing Together Toolkit for mothers and babies

The Growing Together Toolkit is for community service providers who support mothers and their young children and families. The toolkit presents strategies to build healthy relationships with babies and toddlers and focuses on mothers who are dealing with depression, anxiety, substance use, trauma or other challenging life circumstances.

20 Strategies for Building Resilience in Children (Backed by Science)

This article succinctly describes 20 practical and powerful strategies for promoting resilience in your program.

RIRO Resiliency Guidebook

This guidebook is for child-serving professionals and parents. It aims to increase awareness of the importance of promoting resilience through caring relationships and adult modelling of resilient thinking and coping strategies.

30 Games and Activities for Self-Regulation

These 30 games and activities support planning and problem solving, memory, attention, motor control and sequencing. They’re a great way to introduce self-regulation strategies to kids!

Children’s Storybooks that Promote Resilience

Reaching In Reaching Out has a list of English and French storybooks that illustrate resilient thinking and coping in action- and promote cultural competence too!  Each book is annotated and categorized by the resiliency abilities it supports.