Understanding Children’s Emotions in Extraordinary Times

In this video, Dr. Jean Clinton, a psychiatrist and advocate for children's mental health, speaks with the College of Early Childhood Educators (CECE) to share her expertise in dealing with children's emotions in this extraordinary time. She also talks about ideas, resources and tips to help ease the challenging transition back to on-site work as the pandemic unfolds.


Looking for ways to explain COVID-19 to children, keep families engaged with learning activities, and teach best practices for staying healthy? These tip sheets and infographics are full of helpful reminders on how to stay healthy, happy, and connected during COVID-19. Available in English, Spanish, Mam and Tagalog.

12 Physical Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

If you need ideas for physical development activities for toddlers and preschoolers in your care to help get them moving, here are a few games to try!

Global Storybooks

Global Storybooks is a free multilingual literacy resource for children and youth worldwide. Now, you can read, download, toggle, and listen to a wide variety of illustrated stories in different languages!

5 Ways To Nurture Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EI) is a hot topic these days! And with so many different books and articles to choose from, it can be challenging to process all of the latest findings on EI, much less apply them to everyday life. Here's a quick overview of the research and 5 everyday strategies to help children grow their emotional intelligence in your CNC program.

These Books Can Help You Explain Racism and Protest to Your Kids

The conversation about race needs to start early and keep happening, but many parents and caregivers are wondering how to talk about the deaths and unrest with children - and how to keep the important conversations about race and racism going when we’re not in a moment of national outrage.

Books & Tips for Talking With Children About Race

Talking to children about race isn't easy, but it is necessary because racism can thrive when you don’t. Before teaching your children anything, it's important to understand their development level. You have no reason to hide anything from them, but you also don’t have to go into great detail and cause unnecessary stress if it’s beyond their comprehension levels. Read more...

7 Interesting Benefits of Water Play

Water is an important natural material that provides hours of absorbing fun and a multitude of wonderful development and learning opportunities. Here, you'll discover the benefits of water play and tips to easily incorporate it into your day to day play schedule.

How to Talk to Children About Racism, Prejudice, and Protests – An Age-by-Age Guide

The world has again been shaken by trauma. Many children will be distressed and confused by what they are seeing, hearing, or experiencing. This is the time to have the conversations that can build a more compassionate, kinder humanity, starting with the children close to you. If we want to raise children who celebrate diversity, and who feel empowered to call out injustice and prejudice in all its forms, we have to talk about what’s happening. First though, we have to help them feel safe.

49 Fun Preschool Physical Activity Ideas

Children don’t just need a lot of movement, they also need a lot of variety of movement! So here's a list of 49 fun physical activities ideas that will help preschoolers get active and develop skills in a variety of ways.