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NEW! Helping You Manage CNC Webinar: Developing Leadership Potential

How much do you know about your leadership style and how to build leadership within your CNC team? In this webinar recording, Karen Minty provides CNC administrators and SDRs with insight into the characteristics, behaviours and traits that make a good leader. Participants are also encouraged to identify and explore the different styles of effective leadership, and build a strategy for success with their CNC team! Watch the webinar now

What to look for in a child-centred CNC program: Helping you Manage CNC Webinar

In this webinar, presented by Ryerson/George Brown professor, Rachel Brophy, CNC Administrators have the opportunity to learn more about what to look for in their child-centred CNC program, the power of conversation, and what it means to be a child-centred administrator. There’s also a helpful tool for CNC administrators that includes an observation checklist and a list of conversation starters for discussions around CNC curriculum! Watch the webinar recording, download the ppt and What to look for in a child-centered program: A helpful tool for CNC Administrators now!

New Online Tutorial: 3 Simple Visuals For Every CNC Program

Young children are naturally visual learners as they observe, imitate and learn to read body language. For newcomer children, visual cues can be even more important - especially if you don't have a shared language!
In the 3 Simple Visuals for CNC tutorial, we'll review the three simple visuals that are essential in every Care for Newcomer Children program.

New Online Tutorial: How Your Early Learning Environment Impacts Behaviour

Did you know that having a well-thought out space can be like having an extra adult there to help guide children's behaviour and 'show them the way'? The How Your Early Learning Environment Impacts Behaviour tutorial explores how the early learning environments that we provide for newcomer children can either work for, or against us! Find out more about how the elements of time, space and energy can be used to provide indirect guidance and generally improve the flow of your CNC program. To facilitate your own team training, the tutorial includes a facilitator guide and group discussion questions.

The Importance of Early Identification for Newcomer Children with Special Needs: Helping you Manage CNC Webinar

In this webinar, presented by Macaulay Child Development Centre, CNC Administrators will have the opportunity to learn about why early identification and support for newcomer children with special needs is so important, and discuss strategies for how SPOs can help better children with special needs and their families. Watch the webinar recording or download the ppt here now!

New Online Tutorial: 4 Tips for Building Confidence in Newcomer Children

To support their settlement and growth, immigrant and refugee children need supportive relationships, a safe space, and opportunities to nurture and build their confidence and competence. Need opportunities for mastery, success, and “safe risks”!  In 4 Tips for Building Confidence in Newcomer Children, participants will learn about how to incorporate opportunities for mastery, success, and “safe risks” in their programs, some of the ways we unintentionally stifle children’s feelings of competence, and simple strategies to incorporate important learning opportunities that build confidence and support children’s development.

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