Video: How do you teach young children about their emotions?

This video takes less than 10 minutes to watch, but it's full of great insights and strategies for teaching children about emotions in your program!

Webinar – From Biting to Hugging: The Social Development of Infants and Toddlers

Register now to learn more about how to support infant and toddlers’ social and prosocial development, and new strategies for helping children move from biting to hugging!

Webinar- Self-Care That Works: Because I Matter

Feeling stressed or burnout? Or simply needing new ideas on how to stay energized, focused and relaxed? Join wellness experts in this webinar as we come together to celebrate Mental Health Awareness month and to share easy, effective tools for community helpers that may be feeling overwhelmed by the demands of this challenging field.

Helping you Manage CNC Webinar

Managers and organizations play a critical role in preventing and responding to vicarious trauma and burnout. This webinar recording for CNC administrators and SDRs describes: what vicarious trauma is and how it is different from burnout; how to identify signs and symptoms; and preventive measures that organizations and managers can take to provide a protective and supportive environment for staff.

Canada immigration explained: Video answers to 9 common questions

This "Coming to Canada" video series answers nine common questions, on topics like: Immigrants vs. refugees: How are people getting into Canada? How is Canada's immigration system different from that of the U.S.? Do refugee claimants automatically get access to our hospitals and doctors?

Building Emotional Literacy: Video

Children have so many emotions. Have you ever tried using a mood metre or starting the day with a moment of silence? In this video, we're reminded of how important it is to help children learn awareness and strategies for calming down.

Lessons from early years research: Video Series

To support educators working in early years settings in their continuous professional learning, the Ontario Ministry of Education worked with leading experts in the early childhood field to develop a series of thought-provoking videos and resources on topics like: Documentation, Inclusion, Self-Regulation and Parent Engagement.

Have you seen this heartwarming video about refugee parents and children?

This video and photos of children happily playing with the superhero in a Lebanese refugee camp recently went viral. The goal of the video and photos was to show just how important the bond between children and their parents can be, and how the constant stress of war and uncertainty can make it hard to keep that bond strong.

Slime Sensory Activity Idea: Video

Sticky, gooey, sensory fun. And it's a safe alternative to borax based slime! Watch this quick video for a recipe you can easily make with the children in your program.

Quick Tip Video – Classroom Expectations

Find out how and why to use classroom expectations in your program in this 2-minute video!