WEBINAR: The Honeycomb Hypothesis: A Fresh Perspective on how Infants, Toddlers, and Two’s Learn


Promoting the Positive Racial Identity of Black Infants and Toddlers in Early Childhood Programs

We know that the first 1,000 days are a sensitive period in children’s development, but did you know that the early years are also important for positive ethnic-racial identity? Positive ethnic-racial identity is protective and promotive for children’s healthy development - especially children from racially and linguistically minoritized families and communities. Unfortunately, this is an area rarely discussed and educators who care for and teach babies are undervalued and receive low compensation. In this webinar, participants will examine how Black families and their babies have been dealing with two pandemics – COVID-19 and racism.

HiMama Helps Webinar: Team Building

In this webinar, participants will learn about the Enneagram framework and how it can be used to better understand, communicate with, and motivate the different personalities on your team - which is especially important as we navigate reopening during the pandemic!

Webinar – Embracing Anti-Bias Classrooms: A Response to Racism

Join the lead authors of Don’t Look Away, Embracing Anti-Bias Classrooms in a roundtable discussion on how to explore and address issues of bias and equity in your program. Participants will also hear about tools and strategies to promote family engagement to ensure culturally responsive experiences for the children in your program.

New Webinar Series! Leadership for Change: Collaborative Conversations

Redleaf Press has a new webinar series on leadership in times of uncertainty. The sessions will be an opportunity for collaborative conversations, to ask questions of our experts, learn from and energize each other. Topics include: collaboration in the time of remote work, stepping into leadership roles, leading when the future seems uncertain, and leading and managing teams remotely. Each session will be 30-minutes, and you can submit your questions about leadership during COVID-19 ahead of time!

From Surviving to Thriving: Video Series

The COVID-19 pandemic has called all early childhood educators to muster our courage and strength like never before. Exchange Press, in collaboration with Hinge Early Education Brokers and Video Active Productions, has created this free video series. Each video has inspiration, support, and practical advice from experts to help you navigate the rough waters of this crisis.

HiMama Helps Webinar: Working With Young Children During COVID-19

This webinar is all about supporting the youngest members of our society as we redefine what "normal" means in childcare. Experts will share their tips and strategies to help educators, parents and children adapt to life during the pandemic.

Free Learning Modules for Early Years Professionals

In support of early years professionals affected by the Covid-19, here are some new online learning opportunities on topics like compassion fatigue and supporting children experiencing anxiety.

Webinar: Facilitating Meaningful Online Experiences With Young Children

As early childhood educators, our personal interactions with children have always been rooted in the physical classroom with real objects and close proximity. Now, due to COVID-19, we are scrambling to find ways to stay connected and continue to care for and educate the children in our programs. Join this timely webinar to learn how to create engaging, meaningful, and developmentally appropriate routines, rituals, traditions with children online during these challenging times.

Webinar: Beyond COVID 19 – Preparing to Support Children Through the Transition Back

With families sheltering in place for months, we have all been dealing with a whole new reality. For many children this was an opportunity to spend quality time with their families. For others, whose families may have been struggling to make ends meet, wonder if they still had a job, or deal with medical crises, this may have been a very stressful or even traumatic time. When you re-enter your classroom you need to be emotionally strong and ready to support all of the children who will be counting on you. In this webinar, participants will consider their own stress level and ways to build resilience, identify the impact of this unprecedented stress on children’s behaviour, and develop strategies to scaffold the children’s social, emotional, and physical needs when they return.