CMAS Webinar: Supporting Newcomer Children through Active Play: Teaming up with Active for Life!

Incorporating physical literacy into your daily programming can be easy and inexpensive – and it can bring such a range of benefits for children, ECEs, and families!

When young children engage in physical literacy and active play, they can better cope with stress, build resilience, and start on their path toward a healthy and active life. 

In this exciting new webinar, participants will join special guest, Dawne Clark, PhD, Early Years Physical Literacy, to learn about and discuss:

  • What physical literacy (PL) and active play look like in the early years
  • The benefits of PL and active play for children, educators, and families
  • “Infusing” PL into everyday activities 
  • How to get children moving again and active for life after the pandemic
  • The Active for Life website, tools and resources

We’ll also be announcing some exciting new opportunities for you to participate in!

NOTE: This webinar is for IRCC-funded CNC programs. The webinar recording will be available to the public early next month.