Helpful Links

Special Needs

ConnectABILITY - Special needs resources for parents and caregivers
Building on Every Child's Abilities

Dual Language Learning

Video: Developing Literacy Skills With Dual Language Learners
Impact of Second Language/Bilingualism at An Early Age
Video: Frontloading for English Language Learners
5 tips for making science meaningful for newcomer children
Second Language Learning and Keeping the Child's First Language
Creating a Language-Rich Environment
How does being bilingual benefit children?

Activities and Routines

Immunization Information For Parents

Parents Guide to Immunization Immunization Schedule Creator  

Discussions on Food

Canada's Food Guide (Different Languages)
Introducing Food Allergy Canada!

Communication with Parents

211 is your connection to information and services All About Child Care "New in Canada" Parenting Support Series My Langage Multilingual Tip Sheets Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention Program Best Start  

Children’s Health

What is Physical Literacy?
Why some children do well despite early adversity: Resilience Video Series
Health Services in Your Community
Provincial Immunization Schedules
Information for Parents A guide to Immunization

General Hygiene

Health Services in Your Community

Food Safety and Food Service

Public Health Canada Food Guide

Safety of Play Equipment and Environment

Health Canada Where to find your public health links to recalls