Care For Newcomer Children (CNC): Bulletin

Please note: CMAS cannot assist SPOs with the Call For Proposal. After proposals have been submitted,
we will be posting resources to help you further. a variety of supports have been developed to help you understand and implement CNC. Information, tools and resources will be available in good time to support the successful transition into CNC.

The items below identify changes or additions to the current costs of operating a child care support program.

Short Term Space – The minimum space requirement is 14 square metres for a group of 5 children and 2.8 square metres for each additional child. Infant care requires an additional 8.3 square metres for each group of 3 children.

Long Term / Combined Space – The minimum space requirement is 22 square metres for a group of 8 children and 2.8 square metres for each additional child. Infant care requires an additional 16.8 square metres for each group of 3 infants.

Physical activity space – Gross motor space is not required if no individual child is in attendance for more than 3 hours per day. For example, A Long Term CNC program could operate from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. without having additional space for physical activity as long as no individual child attends for more than three (3) hours.

Maximum Program size – No more than 72 children can be cared for in 1 program. Where a SPO provides care for more than 72 children at one location they must set up staff to implement an additional program

Staff with designated responsibility – At least 1 CNC staff with an ECE or equivalent is designated with responsibility for the program during operation

The staff with designated responsibility is not included in the ratio when providing care to more than 33 children in a Long Term program, 33 children in a Short Term program or 25 children in a combined care program.

Minimum staff on site – 2 staff at all times must be on site during the operation of a CNC session. In a Long Term or Short Term program if the ratio can be met by 1 staff member the 2nd person may be a volunteer working directly with the children.

Number of qualified staff – 1 ECE for every 24 Children or 1 ECE for the first 24 and 1 early childhood assistant for every additional 16 children

Professional Development – Full time staff must participate in a minimum of 5 hours of professional development each year. The professional development is related to their role in a CNC program.

Orientation – Before assuming CNC duties, all CNC administrators and staff must also complete an orientation to the program, and their roles and responsibilities within CNC.

Staff: Child ratio and group size    
















* combined care requires that 1 additional staff be assigned to the group regardless of the size of the group
** when no more than 20% of the children in a combined care program attend short term the need for an additional staff is no longer required

Time to complete duties – time is built into staff hours to accommodate the set up and take down of each session as is necessary – For example short term programs may operate in changing spaces which may require staff to move furniture, set up the play area and return the space to it original condition at the end of the session – this would mean a staff member would need to arrive prior to and remain after the session to accomplish these tasks.

Translation of information – the organization must ensure that parents are provided an orientation in a manner in which they understand the information being provided. This could be achieved through use of staff, other student or client or other method.

Criminal Reference Check – must be updated every 3 years. Only CNC staff with valid criminal reference checks can work with children in the CNC program.



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